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Definitely not.

I never liked, nor respected this music.

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There's been no editing done yet with this clip. Probably an earlier version of this scene. If you take note, there's no clanking of Ultron's footsteps on the metal walk way when he steps, nor is there any sort of gear/cog noise when he moves his appendages. If I'm not mistaken, when Ultron also activates his flight, there's no noise coming from his propulsion.

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@sodamyat said:

@killerforhire said:

What's the square root of love?

8 something

You forgot to carry the 3, then divide that by the distance of the average toilet to the sink, and multiply your answer there with how many watermelons this one dude bought on thursday. Just remember he gave three of those watermelons to cindy.

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This still going on? Am I late for entry?

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Stewart fans.
Between the complaints that he gets no respect, that the is the strongest character-wise, and the few ignorant ones that believe Green Lantern was originally Black. Thanks alot, Timm.

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@leo-343 said:

@neongamewave: What's stopping Reverse Flash from blitzing Raven?

Thawne's downfall IMO is his personality being in-character could hinder his chances despite the fact that he has the speed advantage and Raven's high-level telepathy will play a factor.

His spersonality in character, means what?

He has all of five fights that did not include a Flash of some kind.

1. He soloed SuperWoman and Power Ring (Earth-3) in two hits

2. Red Tornado (Off-panel, it shows Thawne leaning on the JLA watchtower with a pile of robot parts, he's kicking them around.

3. Hal Jordan, Superman, Booster Gold, Rip Hunter. Get's in alot of hits, takes one then continues his search for the Anti-Life Equation.

4. Hal Jordan, obliterates him.

5. Against the Rogues-- Obliterates them, picks them apart and stuff them all into a 10x10 glass box.

Eobard doesn't play with his food, he abhors it. Yet, he has to with Barry and co. because he can't affect his own timeline too drastically pre-Flashpoint.

Eobard cna take one look at Raven and make her nothing more than a lavender smear on the pavement before she could register a fight was going to happen.

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@nickthedevil: no the love triangle stuff is pretty constant in every episode,but obviously i'm not going to list all of them.

I mean, you can. As stated before, the triangles take up at most, ten minutes of a 40 minute show.

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@nickthedevil: the love triangle took up a lot of time this week. you had the iris wanting eddie spill the means, you had the dinner date, you had the barry trying to convince iris,then you had iris being a unlikable b*tch to eddie at the end.

Okay, and? This one week, of all weeks, gave it a little attention.

So, this episode = Entire season going down the drain? Every series in history has it's bad episodes, and it happens. Oh well.

Still, this triangle is important to the story--not like Arrow's that was there to be there. This one makes total sense because, if I'm not mistaken, it's going to be a driving force behind the Thawne/Allen family fueds.

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