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@nickthedevil: Your falling behind duder, I got to lvl 20 last night

Yeah, I moved out of my old place and into some new apartments. lol. No internet, but am getting it today, so I'll be on tonight.

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@thetruebarryallen said:

@nickthedevil - people are going to forever get us confused on PSN.

lol, I got it legit :P

anyway, captain cold is my user name for bungie, but my Actual gamer tag is still nickthedevil.

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@nickthedevil: no I giving you a justification of why that assumption is invalid, I.e. Darkseid being able to perform feats we know he can't normally do on his own.

Is my wording pretty that hard to understand , maybe I could reply to you in an easier to follow manner once I reach home in 4 hrs. Typing from phone is hard.

We can agree on that second part.

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@nickthedevil: that assumption would be valid had we not seen him clearly perform feats we know he can't normally do. Telepathy on an entire planetary scale or teleporting planets. If your argument is he could do so normally too, then maybe you could put a justification on why he needed a machine for both in the earlier instance.

Not to mention he was wake up as week he is , the very fact that he absorbs energy from 5 different object of unknown potential , and a guy who by himself should be a lot more powerful than him, the assumption falls flat on his face.

If Darkseid is so powerful he can have teleporting 2 planets , mentally enslave 1 entire planet and still fight LOSH and other heroes together why is it that we have been consistently told the balance of power between Apokokips and New Genesis is in perfect harmony?

I don't exactly understand your way of phrasing, so this is an honest question.

Are you asking how powerful New Genesis is?

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I'm going to be so disappointed if Thor comes out winning this.

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Alan Scott should be taking this easily.

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@nickthedevil: it's a story about Dark seid from 1000 years in the future. Of course it's cannonity to a normal version is questionable.

And just because their history hasn't change doesn't mean their power level is unchanged either. Let alone from that story where he is so many different amps it's not even funny.

While they by definition were amps, he was asleep for over 1000 years. Those "Amps" if nothing else, were to restore his power from "undying death", as Izaya claimed it was.He was brought back to full power, I believe, not amped. He began that story quite weakened.

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@claymore1998 said:

By the way, I'm here for discussion not for debate, so please dial down the aggression as I'm not interested in proving the point right or wrong.

I do not think i am being aggressive, all i am saying is, in a discussion about Darkseid (post crisis), you bring up a feat from pre-crisis saga even then which might not be canon to him because of the 10,000 years in the future part. Even then we see him absorb a lot of power in the whole story, perform feats he normally cant do and has built machinery for that exact purpose, and you reply as if you expected me to not challenge the said idea.

It still seems like a double standard to me.

I hope you know that it's verrrrryyyyy ambiguous that the COIE even affected the New Gods? In fact, it's been stated more than one time htat the New Gods are unique multiversal beings. They are not replicated in the Multiverse. (Yet, Orion apears in KC for some reason). The Great Darkness is also canon, btw, it's not "Might". THere is no probability in this.

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