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it may have been due to my limited knowledge of flash characters... but the moment we saw wells having that article from the future in one of the previous episodes (I think it was episode 1?) I knew who he was / will be.

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is it just me or do some comic covers feel like they would be more accurate on the following issue of a comic? like the cover of fearless defenders issue 5 seems to fit issue 6 better.
I remember times after reading a comic and going "why did they put this cover with it? It looks like it'd (the cover) fit better with the next issue"

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no don't go, we'll miss you. who will be the attractive host of the comic vine news? or the attractive voice on the comicvine podcast?

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I just realized catwoman's injury is healing. interesting... not exactly sure what could cause blood to flow back into the gunshot wound.

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I think the issue of are comics still written for children has been since say the early 90's at least and catwoman's death compared to other deaths featured in comics was... fair. aside from blood, the scene did not feature and bone, organs, or a more gruesome death.
for example in marvel there have been scenes and other product related images. of worse deaths like wolverine being torn apart by the hulk, venom hunched over a partly devoured spiderman (I remember seeing a card of this back in the early 90's). the blob eating the wasp.
and these are just the ones (gruesome hero deaths) I know about or remember seeing.

compared to those type of scenes gore wise the scene was quite standard, as for the location of the shot... I guess it makes a bit of a big deal being as there is a small chance for the character to survive that (I've heard of actual people being shot in the head and surviving). but art wise unless the scene featured the characters head exploding (which could have made the scene a whole lot worse and has been done before) it was quite standard. like seeing a character being shot in the chest.

basing on the comics I've been following, comics written for teens seem more humane than they were in the 90's. sure they're still no golden age superman, ironman, spiderman. but they're closer.
there are less (maybe by a little) female characters in skimpy outfits or the outfits are less revealing. heck, powergirl's.... first outfit in new 52 wasn't skimpy or revealing.... until it got shredded in almost every battle :/
psylocke's new/current outfit is stylish and not skimpy or revealing at all.
supergirl's isn't bad either though it still has that revealing-ness to it. atleast it covers more.

so yeah... are comics still written for kids in mind is... debatable and depends on what you compare it to. compare it to the golden age rendition than, no. it's not. but compared to it's 90's - till now. it's a toss up, but may be getting better.

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I think Laira Omoto would be a great choice for a game like this. she wouldn't be a hal/green lantern copy what with her own fighting style and they could take notes from the emerald knights movie in terms of some of the move set.

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been enjoying this series for sometime. with this preview I am looking forward this this issue. loved that "of course I am" look supergirl had on her face.

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there were a few things that I didn't really care for about the movie. the twist with the mandarin was... one thing I didn't care for. though I think it was something I had hoped for when ben kingsly was announced as the mandarin, I just hoped it was more ra's al ghoul-in-batman begins-ish. I just hoped it would turn out that the mandarin was actually a Chinese guy (IE: chow yong fat, Jackie chan, jet lee, etc.)

was it just me or did the mark 47 seem like the comic relief of the movie. most of the scenes the mark 47 was in was comedic. like the truck scene(after the rescue), the armor sitting on the couch(s), the "prodigal son" scene, the armoring up.

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i'm waiting for laira omoto to make a return to the DC universe. I was never a big green lantern fan but after seeing her in emerald knights I have a greater interest in the character. though since I missed her run in the green lantern series all together I hope they will bring her back so I can start following the series.
though with all the talk about characters dying and resurrecting in comics, she seems to be one character DC is keeping dead :(
although with the DC universe rebooted I had hoped it would mean her story would get retold in some way shape or form... sadly still waiting.

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I guess it's one of those "about time" moments for the two. from what little I've seen throughout DC over the years, superman and wonder woman seem to have had a thing going for quite some time, and now it's finally been put into play (if it's never happened in pre-52). maybe they'll go the distance, maybe not. only time will see.