Top Ten Favorite Marvel Characters

10. Cyclops-Scott Summers

He barely made the list. Before the Avengers vs X-Men story arc I thought he was a stuck-up goody two shoes who was pretty vanilla and clear with very limited powers. But then I watched his transformation. I watched him mature and be scarred from persecution. I saw him go from Xavier's prize wonder and pupil to a dark man. I saw him mentally cheat on his woman and other such things. In essence, I saw him go from Professor X to Magneto through the struggle and I loved it! It was so real and in the end he ultimately won. He got what he wanted in bringing the Mutants back and killed his mentor in the process. Deep Stuff.

9. The Hulk- Bruce Banner

He is the most tortured character in the marvel universe. He cannot control the awesome power he acquired and has been hunted for that. He has shown to be more detrimental than helpful often. Over the years he went from monster, avenger, champion, hero, outcast and back. He is a genius mind who has been devolved into a brute and brash character. He was an awful burden but a required hero and still one of the original avengers. We will see how Avengers 2 plays out and if he stays on for part 3.

8. Thor- Donald Blake/ Thor Odinson

Thor is the epitome of cool. He is aa norse god who walks around with a giant hammer that fires lightning and can make him fly. He can hit stuff really hard and talks like he is from a super olden times. He is on this list for pure awesomeness seeing that the only development they put into his character is arrogance and being brash. He rarely has to face people more powerful than him. He is an original Avenger and possibly the best normal level fighter in the Marvel universe. His powers can be augmented through certain stages he can go into.

7. Galactus- Galen of Taa

Galactus was the lone survivor of the old universe. Galactus was wrapped in a cocoon by the Phoenix Force. He woke up years later and was hungry. His thirst could only be quenched by eating the force of worlds. He ate the worlds with no beings at first but then he could not spare anyone anymore and has probably killed the most people in the history of the universe. He is a tortured soul who has been desensitized and is the coolest cosmic entity in Comics.

6. Spider Man- Peter Parker

Peter Parker is the most famous character in the marvel universe and certainly its most unique. He was a teenage nerd bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him the powers of strength, speed, agility, wall crawling, and confidence. He is coupled with a genius mind and created web shooters that are strong and durable but also dissolves after a few hours. He fought some of the best villians and went through some of comics biggest tragedies including the death of his original girlfriend, Gwen Stacy who died at the hands of the Green Goblin. Before him that never happened. Lois Lane was always saved by Superman. He failed time and time again. In fact his long time marriage with Mary Jane Watson was wiped from existence because he revealed his secret identity in the Civil War. Aunt May was shot by a Hitman as a result and he broke a deal with Mephisto to keep her in the living in exchange for his marriage. He has lived through despair and does not even remember being married to his dream woman. Recently in Spider Man Issue 700 his body was stolen by a reformed Dr. Otto Octavius.... God save us all. Superior Spiderman hurts me deeply and I want good old Peter Parker back.

5. Wolvervine- Logan/ James Howlett

Logan is the most popular member of the X-Men although he was not originally brought in to be this big. He has adamantium claws and an awesome healing factor. He is a trained killer and has many animal instincts. He always seems to come on top in all of his fight and as misguided as he is, he always picks the morally right cause to fight for. Such as when he did not join his fellow X-Men in the AvX storyline as the mutants delved into evil. He always keeps his head on straight. He is brash, tactical, a leader, and a ferocious fighter. He always comes back and has survived the most detrimental of things such as Magneto tearing out his adamantium or Nitro exploding. He lived through it all and will always be ready for more with a cigar, a what's up bub, and a 'snikt'.

4. Dr.Doom- Victor Von Doom

Dr.Doom is the ruler of Latvia and the primary foe of the Fantastic Four. He is cool with the way he sulks and his arrogance is soothing. His mask is a blatant display of his failures and he continues to be the most respected of the villians with his freedom secured by diplomatic immunity. He has complete control over his tech and has mastered sorcery. He is a genius and can swap bodies with anyone that he pleases. He has one blemish that puts him below the next guy... He has never been the primary villian in a recent big story arc. In fact he has been in pretty much incognito since the Dark Cabal days but even then Norman Osborn was calling the shots. He needs to be the main menace in few years or his star will fade.

3. Magneto- Erik Lensherr/ Max Eisenhardt

Magneto is the epic story of the villian who believes deeply at heart that he is the hero. He believes that he is the savior of his people and that the human race cannot be trusted. This roots of injustice can even be traced back into his days when he was a kid surviving the harsh holocaust. He believes the same cruel genocide is the only reprise the humans have for the mutants. He does not trust them. He reforms often and has tremendous depth as a character. He has been a ruler, a conqueror, a villian, a hero, and a teacher. He is not harsh at his core and still has respect for his rival Professor X.

2. The Thing- Ben Grimm

Ben Grimm has another tragic story as a defromed figure and shunned individual. He does not have the brute strength, brash language or stupidity of the Hulk which has brought him into a human and made us realize that he is an ugly human. A human that was made impossible to love, who puts family first, and makes the sacrifices nobody else is willing to make. He is literally the rock of the Fantastic Family. He has superhuman strength and invulnerablity that is possibly unsurpassed. He even lost the love of his blind girlfriend. He delivers time and time again. Unfortuantely the Fantastic Four have not been too involved in big stories due to their fate of being 'too perfect'. Good thing that The Thing joined the Avengers also.

1. Iron Man- Anthony Stark

My favorite character in the Marvel Universe is Iron Man who has become increasingly important in the major story arcs, being with Avengers: Disassembled. He had an encore in the Civil War when he acheived success over Captain America and deemed Director of Shield. He lost that the same way as he does everything with disgrace and a fall from the garden of eden. He redeemed himself in the Secret Invasion, Siege, Fear Itself, and Avengers vs X-Men. My favorite Iron Man scene ever was when he got drunk during the seeming end of the world and faced Odin. He convinced a scared Odin to let him create the weapons that turned the tide and saved the world. It was an awesome scene. His perfect portrayal in the Iron Man Trilogy and the Avengers movie did help and possibly boosted him into the club of most popular superhero. He went from unknown to household name in a couple of years. He could only get better.

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