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I think that Secret Wars is just running through Time & Space and will revisit many of the signature moments in the history of Marvel especially considering Tony is going to be Superior Iron Man at the moment and Cap is an old man. No way they are just doing a redux at the same time as Secret Wars

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easily 5/5. People jsut like to complain. The action was better than anything seen in a long time and it was not meaningless. That guy getting his neck gutted after getting hit with a baseball bat immediately made the episode a success then just capitalized on that by making rick go apeshit on those guys with a shard of wood he cut out with HIS ZIPPER. Carol was awesome and tyrone even had some cool moments. Storytelling at is finest. I just cannot wait until rick kills gareth with that machete with the red handle

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archie will kill the predator with ease... just kidding lol

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@the_vein @smashbrawler I laugh at your accusations that I am a blatant or ignorant liar but they were not married when Superman died and the fact you are a superman fan and do not know that is quite pathetic. The marriage was put off until 1996 to coincide with the TV show about the said couple. I have read many superman comics but it appears you have not and I simply do not care about the character. I admire the article but disagree with the outcome of his observations. He is a static character but does have his moments. It is almost sad that "what makes superman not a boring powerhouse" is exactly what DC tries to distance itself from in recent events. Almost but I honestly do not care.

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I can respect the article I guess because it is well written but the inspiring stuff and the great moral compass he has is not being exhibited in the movies nor the new 52. I do not like Superman, probably the perfection he encompasses is what makes him unappealing not compelling. The same perfection your pretty much celebrate in the article. Even his secret identity is only accepted by his co-workers because Kent is not portrayed perfect. And a perfect hero is predictable. By the way, a great reporter like Lois Lane who pretty much questions everything did not find it weird that Clark disappeared when Superman "died" and seemed not to care even though clark is almost like her best friend. Or that Clark is always gone when Superman partakes in Space expeditions for months. It is just stupid.

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I also liked Cyclops in Utopia and Second Coming. I forgot to say that.

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Avengers vs X-men was great in a lot of respects. Writing, the fights, the end was spectacular, and has had lasting effects on Marvel to this day and is still the driving force behind all the X-Men books. Nerds always complain about events not having any effect on the universe but when it does they make up illegitimate reasons why it sucks. I think nerds dislike stories just because they are told they are supposed to. I mean really? How do people not like the fun that was Avengers vs. X-Men? If mutants were so blatantly persecuted and the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" blatantly ignored it, I suspect Cyclops would have a problem with it. And do not give me that marvel heroes just fight among themselves because when they band together like Secret Invasion,Siege, Fear Itself, Infinity, and this upcoming Axis it is just labeled action with no content. Stop complaining and be satisfied. Stop hating everything.That is why comics are dying today. Not because of lack of quality but the inability to accept the talent and ideas put out. Please just prove you are humans instead of crabs in a barrel.

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thanos looks absurdly happy on the cover and that should never be, nova looks cool but the thanos is weird. When thanos smiles it is devious not happy... ugh