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I always thought he would actually make the best leader...

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top 3 for me have been snyder's batman run, azzarello's wonder woman run and lemire's animal man run.
Geoff Johns Aquaman was also really good.

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no one?

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Before the Convergence event happens in a few months, a huge number of DC titles are ending. So a lot of people are expecting DC to announce lots of new titles to launch once Convergence in done. I'm thinking about 10 new titles, maybe more.

So... if DC launch 10 new titles... what does everyone think they will be?

My guesses-

Green Lantern Weekly - lots of GL series are getting cancelled, and they seemed to be crossing over most of the time anyway. After the success of Batman Eternal, I can see them doing a weekly GL series focused on the many characters in the universe.

Red Robin - Tim Drake has been handled pretty shoddily since the New52 started, a lot fo fans are asking for this title. Seems like a no brainer.

Shazam! - A lot of people enjoyed the Shazam story that was told in Justice League, so just make a series. Should be Johns writing. Also, if they're making a film, it makes sense.

New Gods - A lot of people want this. The characters have popped up in a few series, and after the GL Godhead storyline, this would make sense.

Birds Of Prey - Relauch this series, but better. The start of the N52 series wasn't bad, but it went downhill. This deserves a fresh start.

Rogues - The villain centered comics that have come out have been pretty popular (Sinestro, Harley Quinn), and I think if they launch another one, then this makes the most sense.

Mera - This has been rumoured and makes sense. Aquaman and The Others in cancelled, so this could replace it. Aquaman has gained a lot of popularity since N52 started, and Mera has been a popular character. It would be silly not to launch a new female led solo title and this would probably be the best one.

Cyborg - This needs to happen if they want to raise this characters profile. The only JL member without a solo series. They need to establish some of his own villains. Plus, they're making a film (eventually).

Kamandi - DC like to relaunch more obscure older titles it seems, and I fully support that. I think this could be a fun choice.

Multiversity - Not written by Grant Morrison, or even called Multiversity, but a similar thing. Stories taking places across the many Earths of the DCU. They are really pushing the DC multiverse stuff at the moment, and I find it's something that definitely sets DC apart. So this could be a good ongoing title.

What do you think of these ideas?

And what do you think they will announce post-Convergence?


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I second Prophet.

Nailbiter and The Bunker are also very good.

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- Batwoman - 2 (would have been a 4 if it was only including the JHW3/WHB run)

- Superman: Unchained - 4

- Batman/Superman - 2

- Superman/Wonder Woman - 4

- Sinestro - 3

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- Harley Quinn - 4

- Green Lantern Core - 3

- Green Lantern New Guardians - 3

- Green Arrow - split on this, mega extremes of Lemire's run - 5, everything else - 1

- World's Finest - 1

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- Earth 2 - 3

- Justice League 3000 - 2

- Red Hood & the Outlaws - 1

- Red Lanterns - 1

- Batman & Robin - 4

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- Swamp Thing - 4

- Action Comics - 4

- Detective Comics - 3

- Constantine - 3

- Justice League Dark - 3

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Green Lantern - 4

Justice League - 4

Batgirl - 3

Supergirl - 3

Catwoman - 1