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As a Marine I don't understand why Warmachine would be in the Air Force and not a Marine in the comics.   Just because the suit is capable of flight doesn't mean that the best person for the job would be a pilot.  The suit has more weapons that are used in CQC ( close quarters combat ) and not those used in an actual airborne fire fight.  A Marine would have better training in dealing with these weapons and situations that would need them.  Also Marines have pilots and those pilots go through a more rigorous combat training during their boot camp than does the Air Force.  Its just never really made sense to me that he's an Air Force pilot when being a Marine would make the character and the way that the suit is set up and used more believable. 

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Just checked it out on IMDB, this movie is done by the same group that put Kick-Ass together.  And by together I mean beat with sticks publicly and then hung on a wall and shot paint balls at its exposed dermis. This movie is going to have the same kind of forced humor and campy ultra violence as the aforementioned Kick-Ass.  Because those things exist is the X-men universe right.   Oh don't.  In short, once again the x-men movie franchise has not let any of the fans down by again pursuing only the highest form of soul crushing mediocrity.  And by looking at this photo I can tell that as far as staying true to source material, apparently it only is useful when making sure that January Jones boobs are hanging out of the lingerie she is wearing as Emma Frost.   

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I feel like I am deserved a refund for watching this show even though I paid nothing to see it, that's how terrible it is. 

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Granted Deadpool is based on Deathstroke. But overall looking at Taskmaster and Deadpool,  Deathstroke reminds me more of Taskmaster than he does Deadpool.  Deadpool is a lot more unstable and completely action oriented whereas both Taskmaster and Deathstroke may seem to be so, but are actually heavy thinkers.  Thoughts?

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Hawkeye should get it.  Bucky went rouge and turned against his country for a while.  Giving Bucky the mantle of Captain America would be like giving the Batman cowl to Jason Todd.  Besides Hawkeye's whole bag is using projectiles as a weapon, so a conversion to a shield wouldn't be anything to hard for him.  Also Clint is awesome and Bucky sucks. 

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I don't know what I should say......Zordon........or...........ZORDOZ!!!!
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Only team I know of is FF4.  And they suck.  Other than that is giant teams like S.H.I.E.L.D and hydra and such.  They much like the military use the uniform to instill a point of unity and anonimity(sp) amongst the ranks.  But overall, I say.......Be your self man.

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@Silver2467:   There is no way that the martian is even in the same league as Prof. X.  But I'm insanely biased to marvel. haha.
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