Just re-watched Thor.....again

I feel like Jane in the movie acts like a high school girlfriend throughout this movie. She laughs at dumb jokes and has this sheepish look in her eyes when she talks to Thor. I think that Natalie Portman did a good job in the movie, but the way that the character was writen for her or the way she played it just came off very high school to me. Just a thought. Also the fact that Kat Dennings was in the movie and serves no purpose to the story line other than being a girl that tazes' Thor makes me a little bitter. However the fact that Hawkeye is seen for a glimpse in the movie makes me happy. Plus its Renner and his awesome. And my nerdon stays firm for the avengers movie.


The Skin Around Not The Skin Within!

Adamantim can cut through anything.  It cuts like a hot knife through butter when put up next to steel and etc.  But What makes that skin behind the steel capable of dealing with the pressure that comes with the cutting of that mateoutrial.  Even at some point when cutting through something as light an fluffy as a loaf of bread some kind of outward force needs to be place upon the cutting surface.  So?  In kind does Logans healing factor give him some kind of super callosed skin between the knuckles that prevent this kind of outside force.....or is his healing factor so quick that once cutting through he breaks tendon and bone and heals quick enough to not notice the pull of him pulling through a dense piece of material?   Just Saying??

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