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DC makes a goal with this movie 0

The Movie starts off with The Joker (Voiced by Mark Hamill) and Harley Quinn (Voiced by Arleen Sorkin) breaking into an antique store. They steal a Jade Dragon, but The Joker knows it’s really kryptonite.   He steals it so he can make a deal with Lex Luthor (Voiced by Clancy Brown) to kill Superman for one billion dollars. Also in this movie Batman (Voiced by Kevin Conroy) meets Superman (Voiced by Tim Daly) for the first time and of course Superman uses his X-ray vision to find out Batma...

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Good Job Dc 0

I personally liked the art style of the movie, and the plot was good, they even had some mildly funny jokes. The fighting scenes where good as well. There is not much else to say, other then it was enjoyable. If you want a movie to watch, or like Wonder Woman, I would highly recommend this movie....

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The Batman 0

I like the series but this movie was pretty bad, Dracula turning characters like the joker into vampires, was just over the top, and the feeling of the movie was too much like the hell boy animated movies (Those where pretty good) just the feeling felt so depressing and the art style as well. I think of Gotham, being more a dark modern city, and not an old depressing ghost town. If you're in the mood for crazy vampires, depression and batman thrown all together watch this....

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Very Interesting 0

I thought this movie had very interesting art, the stories where good, it seemed it capture the essence of batman very well. It was put into 5 interesting tales of Batman, one was how people see Batman as either a monster, a creature, a robot, a human, etc.  If you have some spare time, and like batman I recommend this movie. ...

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One of the best 0

I have to say this is one of the best super hero movies, I did not like the actor for the scarecrow, the ending was ok, and they changed some of the things that happened in the comics, but besides that, the plot was very well done, and it had really good action. Sure it was dark, but that is what Gotham is supposed to be, Gotham is hell....

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