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@cave_duck: Does this mean that if Capcom wanted to include Alice in a future Resident Evil game, they would have to pay licensing fees to the movie company?

If Marvel movie novelizations always mention that Spider-Man is a trademark of Marvel, then why don't Resident Evil movie novelization ever mention that characters such as Jill Valentine are trademarks of Capcom?

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Whenever a movie is adapted into a comic book or novel, the copyright/trademark owner is always the same. But whenever a comic book or novel is adapted into a movie the copyright/trademark owner is often different.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic: ™ and ©2000 Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie: ©2003 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen novelization: ™ and ©2003 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

This is just one example among many, so don’t tell me this has something to do with Alan Moore not wanting his name on the movie. The Resident Evil video games and tie-in novels have a different copyright owner than the Resident Evil movies and tie-in novels. The True Blood TV series and tie-in comics have a different copyright owner than the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels. The Hellboy movies and novelizations have a different copyright/trademark owner than the Hellboy comics.

The only exceptions seem to be DC and Marvel movies, which never fail to mention that the character is a trademark of DC Comics or Marvel Characters, Inc.

So how is it possible for a character or franchise to have different copyright/trademark owners in different media?

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I've done some more research and it turns out her name is Pussycat. No wonder I couldn't find anything when I typed "batman" "pussy" into Google.

I saw your reply on the hulk kisses thread where you said you were interested in my other lists. Since no one else has expressed interest, I won't be posting them on the forums, but I can send you a PM if you like.

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The Supergirl kiss makes even less sense in context. A bunch of aliens were coming to Earth to get revenge on Superman because their ships got attacked by Kryptonians a long time ago and as far as they knew, Superman was the only Kryptonian left to get revenge on. The only way Superman could think of to stop them was to stage an elaborate hoax which involved getting Supergirl to assume a new identity, then making out with her in front of Lois Lane, then proposing to her in front of Lois Lane and then supposedly leaving Earth to live with her in another dimension.

But it gets even creepier. Superman only explained this plan to Supergirl at the end of the story while they were both hiding from the aliens in an underwater cave. This means that Supergirl is so obedient, that she's willing to make out with her older cousin without being given any reason or explanation. And then the last panel tells you that Supergirl is 15 years old, in case the whole thing wasn't creepy enough.

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@amazingwebhead said:

Stacy (in her imagination)

Shouldn't that mean it doesn't count?

Yeah, but I put it on the list anyway because I thought it was funny. If you want to get serious about it, a lot of the stuff on the list doesn't count because it didn't all happen in the same continuity.

@deathpoolthet1000: FAAAAKE!!!

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@animehunter: Absolutely. Peter Parker was still there in Otto's subconscious mind. Although I've never understood how that's possible if Peter died inside Otto's body.

By the way, are we allowed to post entire comic pages?

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@masterdetective said:

Pussy (that's her name)

Pussy? Is that from the Batman Porn Parody?

Cheyenne was never shown kissing Nightwing. But as others have mentioned, sex is a step above kissing, so I'll put her on the list.

Sorry for the late reply. I had no idea people were still interested in these threads.

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Or are they different species?

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Do you ever sit closer to the TV when watching letterboxed movies, so that the picture doesn’t look small?

Do you ever sit further away from the TV when watching standard definition movies, so that the picture quality looks better?

Do you sit closer to the TV when watching your favourite movies and TV shows?

Or do you always watch TV at the same distance?

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@joeyhamilton22: Thanks. I know the bottom image is from DC Super Stars #12, but I can't figure out where the top image is from. The artwork looks like it's from the 90s, so it could be Starfire, but it could also be Mirage kissing Superman.

I think Batman's list is finished, but I'm betting that Superman has plenty more Silver Age and Bronze Age girlfriends that have yet to be found.