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The bad men and women who have committed this offensive crime. For the sake of intrigue this list will also include people with great (and appropriate powers) commit them and also those who are implied/or assumed to have done the deed.

Its like that (PG-13) for those of you who need a visual stimuli.


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Posted by starman1994

The Mist wasn't a rapist, his daughter on the other hand

Posted by 04nbod

Stealth could be added. She raped Vril Dox while in heat

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

I dont know how appropriate this is...

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Starman1994 is right The Mist wasn' t a rapist, he did a lot of bad stuff (murder, treason, etc) but that was one of his big no nos, that's might be one of the reasons his daughter did was to prove she was a better villain
Posted by LoveSausage
@.Mistress Redhead. said:
" I dont know how appropriate this is... "
it raises awareness!!! 
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

also Anton Arcane actually did it, (to his own neice!)
Posted by Nerx
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: Thanks and l will add that to the list
Posted by xerox_kitty
@LoveSausage said:
" @.Mistress Redhead. said:
" I dont know how appropriate this is... "
it raises awareness!!!  ? "
Awareness of.... comics fans obsession with sexual predators?  Yep, it helps to reinforce the stereotype that we fixate on the libido of fictional characters ;p
Posted by Nerx

wow never thought this would gather attention

Posted by ASKwhy
@xerox-kitty said:
" @LoveSausage said:
" @.Mistress Redhead. said:
" I dont know how appropriate this is... "
it raises awareness!!!  ? "
Awareness of.... comics fans obsession with sexual predators?  Yep, it helps to reinforce the stereotype that we fixate on the libido of fictional characters ;p "
I actually think it is a rather appropriate subject for a list.  It's high time comics addressed more mature subjects other than alcohol and drug abuse.  There are fans who have been victims or know someone who is.  You may think it's a taboo subject, but that's part of the problem as to why so many cases go unreported.  It shouldn't be treated as taboo.  People should be able to feel comfortable and confident in letting others know what happened to them, as well as, doing whatever it takes to get those in authority to believe them.  And, yes, I am passionate about the subject.  Just don't forget the victims,
Posted by Nerx

Would anyone reccomend this list?

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@Nerx: just did
Posted by Nerx
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" @Nerx: just did "
Thank you very much , at first I did this just to pass time and now it kinda raised some awareness
Posted by Galamoth

Don't forget in TDKR when Joker beats Selina Kyle and dresses her up in a wonder woman outfit. I think he also raped someone in All Star Batman and Robin but I don't remember for sure.

Posted by Death-Michael

I know rape is wrong but that so funny about what you said about sabretooth....  If Raping was a 'fruit' he's definitely got it in his shopping bag.... anyone who read or watch him on tv or dvd knows he's twisted...

Posted by Nerx
@Death-Michael: Thanks man
Posted by Ryonslaught

dude you totally missed 
she raped dick grayson lol
that sounds so funny saying that she raped Dick. :P

Posted by Nerx
@Ryonslaught: thanks ,and I will be sure to add that
Posted by KillerZ
Posted by Nerx
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Strange choice for a list with soem odd choices too.
I'm all for raising awareness and confronting issues but the subjects rarely been approached in comic books and a lot of the characters on the list are uncomfirmed or dubious at best.

Posted by Nerx

l@Gylan Thomas: Well some of these guys did do it off panel, and some are even implicitly mentioned ands ZOMG I forgot to add wesley gibson

Posted by HellionVulcan

The most hilarious list ever made ,laughed hard at the attuma - Plausible .

Posted by Gylan Thomas

I'm just not sure the choices are all completely appropraite or the list composed in an ideal way. 
Do allow me to explain.
Some entries seem a little light hearted. The Sabretooth one for instance.
And several entries are simpley down as plausible. 
Donna Troys eX Terry seems like an odd entry too. Just because some one finds a person creepy doesn't make him a rapist.
The Starfox entry feels paricularly disturbing. He "could be the best at it"? The best rapist? Is it a competition? He's there cause he could potnetially be a rapist? Isn't that the old extreme feminist thing about every man being a potential rapist? So theoretically every male comic character should be on this list. Particularly any with super strength for instance who could physically over power a victim. Surely Starfox having a power that's open to abuse but not abusing it makes him the absolute opposite of a rapist? 

The whole idea of adding  "plausible"  offenders seems odd.
Where do you draw the line on who's a rapist, who's just a serious ass hole and who's just abit creepy? 
Others on the list I'm not too sure about but I'm pretty sure the subject is rarely approached in comics. More often than not it's sort of avoided out side of the more adult stories and  series.
Should Bulls Eye be on the list? He's cettainly amoral enough to make it plausible. And what about addin' Daken? His powers make him a potential.
Did D' Ken rape Mrs Summers? Doesn't I'm not so sure. Read his profile here and it says he tore the unborn Vulcan from her womb but no mention of rape.  
Just my opinion but the list does read sort of strangely. A little too light in places for such a serious subject.  
Rape's a very serious thing and gotta be honest but this list doesn't feel all that serious. 
Maybe narrow the list down, give more info and be ess flippant about it. Saying Starfox could be the best at rape, throwing in a little witty comment about Sabretooth and calling Billy Kincaid a "professional" doesn't come off as though the subject's being taken as serious as it should. 
Maybe give more details of the definite offenders.
Really not sure this is the best way to raise awareness either.
Vague details on fictional rapists with no details of the vistims or how they coped? Maybe telling a little about the stories the incidents happened in and being sure to point out it was in no way the fault of the victims would be abetter aproach. Certainly not throwing in any little gags about Sbretooths shopping basket and leaving out any one who's just creepy or a potential offender. If that sort of thing were applyed to real people it'd be dangerous and rabble rousing.

Just my opinion there. I'd like to think of it as constructive critiiicism. Not pickin' a fighgt or any thing.

Posted by Nerx
@Gylan Thomas: 
  •  Starfox is put up for having power potentials, and he did do it with she-hulk at one point
  • and thanks for the criticism though and if you know a rapist just put em up here
  • note that some of the ambiguous ones are put at recommendation
  • Attempts are definitely a go go
Posted by Gylan Thomas

When Star Fox did it with She Hulk was it power abuse or was she ok with it?

Posted by Nerx
@Gylan Thomas: didn't she punch him later or kick him in the balls? and his method is tame compared to what Griffith did to those girls [invisible penetration]
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Who's Griffith?

Posted by Nerx
@Gylan Thomas: The invisible man from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or it was Griffin
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Oh yeah!
Hawley Griffin. That was Allan Moore. Never know what's gonna happen when Allan Moore's arround.

Posted by Nerx
@Gylan Thomas: Sometimes in fiction rape is the new dead parents
Posted by EganTheVile1

Dont remember Eddie Brock raping, was that in Ultimate Marvel? closest I can recall to him commiting a crime like that in 616 was under Dusk's control in Venom the Madness... 
Here are some that are missing though 
T-Bird, Tin-Tin, Funboy, and Skank from The Crow
Posted by Nerx
@eganthevile1: Thank you man for the new suggestions, and I took eddie upon some scans on the awesome [ comic book rape] thread. Wait, are those the guys that participated in raping his wife?
next maybe I will dedicate lists to male rape victims and female rape victims
Posted by Silver Knight75

wow....that's quite a list

Posted by Nerx
@Silver Knight75: Do you think I should make rape victims next?
Posted by arrowfan237

Posted by Nerx
@arrowfan237: Yeah, you got any recommendations for characters ?
Posted by Leliel

I personally believe that we should address rape more often

Posted by Nerx
@Leliel: Ya got any recommendations?
Posted by KevinSevenNgo

The Comedian did rape....

Posted by Nerx
@KevinSevenNgo: he only roughed her up
Posted by KevinSevenNgo

Well her daughter is his right? so how can that be if he didn't rape her?

Posted by Nerx
@KevinSevenNgo: they got better and remember...
its not rape but surprise sex that she didn't know she wanted yet
Posted by Lovingdamnation
Posted by Nerx
@Lovingdamnation: Thank you
Posted by Britt601

Very, very , VERY interesting list you got here. That Talia story I remember oh so well.
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

joker should be number 1

Posted by Nerx
@Violet-Eyed Dragon said:
" joker should be number 1 "
Who did he rape besides the assumption of batgirl?
Edited by thegreatfour

Mr Hyde from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Posted by Nerx
@thegreatfour said:
" Mr Hyde from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen "
Got him, he is one of the instances where rape is good