Rape Victims

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What about Ms Marvel? Or just explicit rape?

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Kyle Rayner Really?

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@flazam: Oh yes, Bueno used his superpower over him.

I would add Apollo, from the Authority. During the Millar run, the Commander take advantage of him. Naturally, you must also add the Commander, because after that, Midnighter take revenge by his man's honor.

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Ms.marvel got raped when?

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@holyserpent raped by Marcus

"Marcus claimed that his only means of escape from Limbo was to teleport an Earth woman into Limbo with him and impregnate her with his essence, where he could be "reborn" on Earth after he sent the woman back. After much observation of Earth using his father's technology, he chose Carol for her strength, beauty, and other exemplary qualities, and had teleported her into Limbo and attempted to woo her. But Carol had initially rejected him, so Marcus admitted to using a "subtle boost" from Immortus' mind-controlling technology to make her fall in love with him, after which he coupled with her. He then wiped her mind of the memory and teleported her back to Earth at the exact time she had been abducted, so that no one, not even Carol herself, had known what had happened."

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