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Cool, bio!

Posted by Nerx
@NightFang: thanks man
Posted by NuttymcNutNut

Seems like an interesting character, although he and his bio seem very similar to the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid (plus, you even used a couple of screenshots from that game). I know it's nice to create characters that are very powerful, but isn't giving him Samus' morph ball and screw attack, the Cyborg Ninja's High Frequency blade and stealth field, Vamp's throwing knives and Shadow Pin pushing it a little? The "Unique Immortality" ability also seems too similar to Vamp... One more thing - the ability to survive in space by not breathing... Does that mean that he doesn't need blood circulating through his body, because his exoskeleton does it for him-- wait, that still doesn't make sense.
I think I'd like him a little more if he didn't have so many powers from so many video game series. Sorry if I'm too rough, but if you want to create an original character I think you should give him more "original" powers and think if they make sense - don't just steal from futuristic video games.
BTW, I stumbled across this page while looking for a screenshot of the HF blade from MGS2 to compare to the one from 4. Don't know what that has to do with the comment, but yeah.