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@floopay: Yeah, i agree with that. I just havent seen the films for such a long time. I had forgotten all about the fight scene where he blocks the sword, and only the tiniest amount of blood trickles off his hand. Though, based on the videos i have seen ( i know nearly nothing about Wesker, other than what i have seen today), Wesker is no slouch. But, we also havent seen him fight someone of Neo's calliber. His bullet time, in the videos, seems better than Neo's. I say this, only due to the fact that Neo just kind of fell over to doge the bullets, whereas Wesker would move 3-5 feet out of the way and close the gap with the enemy quickly. But that is a non-factor, because Neo has no weapons here. The only issue i see with Neo, is that he has a lot of implied skills that are never actually represented in the film...its more like, this ability implies that he has this other ability.

I really need to watch the first two films again. I am only now figuring out how much i have forgotten. lol

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@floopay said:

Neo is going to stomp this, and pretty easily.

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That was my first thought comming into this thread, but the OP nerfed Neo a lot. TK is relegated to stopping bullets, he's grounded and has no weapons.

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@nerdork: I'm just trying to make Neo sound cool there lol

But, he is cool. Im a Neo fan, moreso than a Wesker fan (by a huge margin). I just like to realistically think out these types of match-ups. Neo has the edge, IMO, in durability and fighting skill. Since his TK has been nerfed, cannot fly and has no weapons...i find this to be a stalemate. Give him back his full TK, he wins. Give him back his flight, he wins. Give him weapons...i dont know...Wesker has great bullet time. lol

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How ever long it takes for Galactus to set his stuff up, and suck the planet dry. Thats how long...

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Both are great, but Neo can stop bullets palm facing outward.

Thats only when he knows someone is about to fire their weapon. I dont know if he has the reaction time to stop the bullets, once they are fired. We never got to see that kind of bullet stopping feat. Though, he does have enough reaction time to dodge the bullets, but the videos do show that Wesker has a better bullet time, than Neo does. Its close, but Wesker has the edge there.

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@super_trunks555: I dont know. After researching Wesker a bit today, he's kind of a BA, and a walking plot device. I think it is a stalemate, ATM. But, i am going to rewatch Matrix Reloaded tonight, and see if it can change my mind.

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@saren: Scientists call it a theory because they know that it could be wrong. A theory may or may not have tons of evidence and data to back it up but even scientists acknowledge that none of it is set in stone. New data or information could be found that could completely disprove theories.

Thats right! Only the Ten Commandments were set in stone...ziiiing

...sorry, couldnt help myself...

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Team 1

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Survivor - Chuck Palahniuk

Lullabye - Chuck Palahniuk

Musashi: An Epic Novel of the Samurai Era - Eiji Yoshikawa...probably my absolute most favorite literary masterpiece ever. Japan's veritable "Gone with the Wind".

Shogun - James Clavell

Taipan - James Clavell

Ciaphas Cain series - Sandy Mitchell


Master and Commander series - Patrick O'Brian