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Posted by zombie flash

where the hell is fire and who the hell is the very first chick in you list nerver heard of her
Posted by grimm

Spieler is from 1907.

Posted by Nepth
@grimm: Thanks for the correction.
Posted by arrowfan237

Very hot girls.
Posted by Liberty
@zombie flash: 
I have to agree Fire and Ice need to be on this list.  That being said it is a nice list.  I'm glad you had Gypsy.
Posted by Nepth
@Liberty: They've been added :3
Posted by Liberty
@Nepth:  Very Nice.
Posted by crimsonfox69

Ok have to say it's a great list ... but where is the Crimson Fox¿? she is a Hot Exotic French Beauty....

Posted by Jtib

it's a good list but not a good Exotic list

Posted by misterz173

You forgot to put Starfire on the list.

Posted by Squares

Alot of these girls aren't really exotic at all...

Posted by doomsilver

nice list dude
Posted by Djinn

kiden nixon exotic???? uhhhh not really. But you forgot most exotic Namora the Exiles version