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Nemesis easilly, he's an advanced model of T-003/Mr. X, he's basically Mr. X with added stats and intelligence.
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Nemesis only wins in his original form and if he has the rocket launcher he might stand a little chance without the RL in the original form, but G3 or 4 eat him for dinner, other than that he gets destroyed, Birkin's "evolutions" are evolutions to adapt and overcome, Nemesis "evolutions" are in reality de-evolutions due to loss of his containment suit and exposure to an uncontroled virus, kinda like G5 is a sort of de-evolution due to it taking far more damage than the virus can adapt.
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@Death Certificate said:
Most anime fans don't read comics and fail to realise that most mainstream mangas can't stand up to Low/Mid/Top tier Marvel/DC. (e.g DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, One piece) There are anime/manga that beat people like Thor, superman or wonderwoman, etc... but they are not going come the four mangas I just listed.

This is so true allthough I gotta say it comes from both sides, but anime/manga guys tend to do that more often, even between other animes/mangas, for example, the concept that kid Naruto would beat SSJ1, 2 or 3 Goku which seems very popular in several places on the net, is retarded beyond words, I'm nearly halfway through Shippuuden and I've yet seen anything that can stand to Piccolo Daimao from the original Dragon Ball, let alone anything from Z.
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@JediXMan said:
@Enzeru:   ... certainly weren't kidding about the wall of text.   But I did read most of it. I have to ask:  What's your opinion of the retcons? Fallen Son showed that Sentry had the help of Reed Richards' tech and Classic Strange's magic when he wiped the minds of Earth. Dark X-Men #3 showed that Sentry had help against Galactus from Shaman X-Man.

On that one, it didn't retconned, Sentry Vol 1 had already stated that back then when Cloc stated it was Reed that activated or built the device and it was made with the cooperation of all heroes, the "Sentry" Avengers arc was in a diferent situation where the mastermind implanted a subconscient "programation" in Bob's brain that would make him do that on his mental/molecular powers alone. 
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I'm looking at WW and thinking how Mags will use her as a bullet on Superman seeing on how she has metal on her arms, waist, chest and head, this is almost a 3 on 1.
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Chaos King easilly like it was said he's CoIE Anti-Monitor on steroids, and we've seen how well Spectre did in there while amped. 

And BTW that pic of Spectre is out of context, here's the full image, the Source gives that power to Spectre: 



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With the CPB Hal steamrolls Kallark, but without it he would lose.

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King Thor easily
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Surfer easilly he can do whatever a lantern can to a better degree and he isn't susceptible to be drained like a GL is, something Surfer is very likely to do.
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@Fragneto said:
But he regenerates everytime he blows up or inflates.
Well he can't beat anyone either, his body blows up whenever it hits anyone.