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If the Pred relies on stealth, he might take it if he gets Wesker with a silent gun that can take out Wesker before he can react and without giving his position (or at least disable him if it gives out his position). If they are fighting face to face, Wesker mauls him, as much as Pred has superhuman stats, Wesker has an insane speed that the pred can't match.

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I'd say neither can convince the other, and if anyone has a chance at doing it, its Frank, if Captain America who he admires to the point he let him beat the crap out without reacting can't convince him, no one can, Batman on the other hand, I though he was gonna stick a bullet into DS head in Infinite Crisis, and Batman is aware that his non kill policy had led to the loonies he constantly faces to escape later and kill inocents, and I'm pretty sure he feels partially guilty for that. About who is right, like someone said Frank will kill you for a pety crime like stealing a wallet, so on there he fails, kicking his ass at Batman style is more than enough for those crimes, but on cases like Joker a bullet on the head or a more painfull death is well deserved and it will prevent future victims.

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Hedatary said:
"Hedatary said:
"Isn't Kid Buu stronger than Jenamba, who effected every dimension in creation?"
Kid Buu is stronger than Janemba, however Janemba was created by the universe by mistake with the intent ability to alter dimensions. Kid Buu, who is more powerful, does not posess this ability but Super Buu was able to punch his way into and out of another dimension, so anythings possible.Either way I don't see them beating Kid Buu, its stupid putting him in there anyway. Without Kid Buu I would say Spectre.

When has kid buu faught Janemba (sorry if this sounds offensive, an honest question) ?? :) maybe the other way around.. besides one of them was a villian on series, the other villian on a movie!! how would u know if freeza is more powerful then Brolly??

There's a Super Buu as well o_O ?? damn i didnt know.. did they re-run the series?

Buu never fought Janemba, so who's over the other is speculation at best, if anything Janemba was handling Dead SSJ3 Goku better that has no restrictions on power unlike living SSJ3 Goku while Kid Buu was more matching him and lasting longer while Goku ran out of power. 
Broly is clearly stronger than Freeza, he was handling multiple ascendant Super saiyans and Full Power Super Saiyans, Friza lost on a super Saiyan that got that form power recently. 
Super Buu is the grown up version that fought Gotenks, Gohan and Vegito. 
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Captain Marvel wins until DC decides to write Darkseid like they should.

And how should they write him? Because Darkseid usually manhandles characters on Captain Marvel's level. And before you even think about saying the word "Superman" know that Darkseid has twice as many wins over Superman then he does losses.

Like they did in GDS for example, and speaking on Superman, there's a reason DS threads tend to go into the "what's canon and what's not" way, or "that was PIS or bad writing" routes 
I'll give credit to the versions that deserve it, don't ask me to give to the ones that don't.
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The Galactus Engine alone is enough.  CAO win.
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Tyrant easilly
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I re-call the Galactus engine destroying some Celestials but i am talking about ALL the Guardians of Oa. Combined might...can't they do anything to stop it?

If Galactus and the other cosmic deities couldn't why would the Guardians have the chance of even lasting more than a second here, let alone even match it?
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Phoenix Force - unlimited power, omnipotence and the ability to manipulate life energy and timelines gives it the edge.

Doesnt the OdinForce give you the same abilities also? Lol

Not to the same extent and not with the same power output.
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Which version of Doomsday?
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Deadpool, he outclasses Dick in all except for sanity, but that's one thing mixed with his hf that makes him so dangerous.