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Geoff Johns is awesome :)

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Thanks and no problem, I`m happy that you like it :)

Dante should win handily in every Round. New 52 Superman may be physically stronger but he is not faster in combat, smarter or more skilled and that`s where Dante beats him. Dante`s magic should be able to easily bypass Superman`s durability since its unconventional meets conventional thanks to Dante`s ancient/mysterious/old inventory in which the magic originates from.

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This is a awesomely cool fight!

R1: I think Doors could be a problem but Zoro`s superior combat speed/techniques/tactical mind/Haki should allow him to bypass that disadvantage since Doors is unpredictable. Zoro should also be able to ultimately capitalize on Midnighter`s fighting style and study his movements despite the fact that Midnighter`s Battle Computer is a force to be reckoned with.

R2: I think Zoro shouldn`t have too many problems as with Doors restricted, I think Zoro could overwhelm Midnighter with his superior speed even if Zoro wasn`t faster or did not have access to Haki he still is the better fighter/combatant and Midnighter`s Battle Computer although on point, I don`t think its sharp enough to outwit and outdo one of the greatest swordsman in all of fiction.

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It could go either way.

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While Alucard outclasses Jack significantly when it comes to raw power, versatility and physicals, I do think Jack`s skill, level of technique, precision, focus and discipline will be enough to make up for the difference in power. Not only is Jack probably more skilled than anyone Alucard has ever come across he is probably more intelligent as well when it comes to just the pure tactical war dynamic and since Alucard`s in-character, I think it will cost him more than just his souls when up against and face to face with a Samurai Jack who is bloodlusted and of no morals as he is carrying a holy weapon that proved to be the destruction of a reality warping deity in his own realm.

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Galactus is more powerful but Pyron is comparable in the sense that a solid case can be made for him being a close rival. A Galactus who is either hungry or starving would lose to Pyron IMO.

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Dante is really hard to put down and his undeniable versatility as well as raw talents makes him a trickily unpredictable character it would take a High-Tier Telepath to really do it.

I think Martian Manhunter or Emma Frost could do it but I`m not completely sure due to the type of character Dante is. He`s not a typical mutant, human, alien, life form, etcetera. He`s a half demon, half human hybrid and his mind is connected to his willpower as well as soul/life-force it would take absurd amounts of magic to truly phase him since that`s how his universe tends to work.

I think He-Man, could possibly win in a hard but good fight, however that depends on how the fight starts and I`m not really sure how He-Man will be able to bypass some of Dante`s abilities its hard to say.