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Martian Manhunter wins.

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R1: Many characters could solo

R2: Same outcome as Round 1

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The Doctor should take the majority. I don`t see Godzilla bringing down the TARDIS and neither will he have the correct defenses to face it especially with the fact remaining that the one piloting it is a Time Lord known for having monsters of all types of calibers meet their doom.

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I always thought they were a bit overblown with what they could do and how people received it. In DC they would definitely rank above the street level characters thanks to Naruto, Sasuke, TSOSP, Madara and etc but when you look at it those are very small characters and concepts within a 100% whole universe so it doesn`t say much even if we are to narrow it down to the more powerful characters since its the universe as a whole where the characters aren`t exactly on the same pedestal 95% of the characters in Naruto wouldn`t be even considered to be above some of the DC Earth characters unless its the regulars. They shouldn`t be able to surpass the Superman level characters in my opinion and their still lacking despite the increases.

Now in terms of Marvel it will be much more direct and not so broad as Marvel`s Universe is more open to the status quo of cosmic characters and Marvel`s Universe is much less focused on the more human characters in most situations. I see the Naruto characters ranking possibly in the tiers of being above the street levelers but not by such a wide margin a lot of the feats that are pulled off and stunted in Naruto can in fact be replicated by many of the Marvel Earth heroes in which I am referring to the regulars or much so basic ones who have superhuman level stats to their name as well as feats and with more history in the Marvel U being comic book characters versus anime/manga characters there are more feats to be counted rather than subtracted in regards to the comparison we can draw out feats that show Spiderman, Iron Fist, Iron Man and etc for example doing something ridiculous especially for how in the expectations they stand alongside the more godlike characters.

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Luffy should beat Madara

Black Beard should beat Naruto

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Do you have any reasons, how do you see the fight unfolding specifically?


L doesn`t have a Death Note but he`s working with the other anime characters.


While I do agree that Batman`s personal and historical connections allowed him to actively plan as well as decipher his fellow comrades in battle and outside of it, I don`t think it changes the fact that he enriched himself with knowledge pertaining to their weaknesses or what makes them tick. Also Alfred, Gordon and Nightwing are under the capturing of the Anime Team as they can die at any moment possibly once the battle is developing in its uprising.

I agree and he will be most likely bloodlusted in this scenario due to the stakes that are present within the conditions also a amoral Batman is also strongly probable in the outlining of the outcome.

I agree, he`s one character you wouldn`t want to see bloodlusted at all, personally I think in another view of another way he could much well be a much more frightening force than his fellow friend Superman since we know what to expect when he`s bloodlusted which has been interpreted many more times before.

What are the anime characters that you know and based on that, how do you see this entire fight beginning, middle, and end based on the conditions?

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Its Batman vs all of them at once, what are you`re thoughts?

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I wouldn`t rule that out of the possibility and Batman could use the Bat-Computer to also formulate strategies or appropriate countermeasures.

That is a good point but I think a bloodlusted Batman would change that and Batman has defeated the Justice League with just the prioritizing of locating that perfect weakness special to them, which I have no doubt he can replicate here to a unique degree :)