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Clears with prep without it he stops at King Thor.

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@neongamewave: Does Obelisk have feats?

His feats are more comprised and current with the Egyptian times, in those times at the height of their power the Egyptian gods were considered to be almost invincible.

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This match is really cool!

I`m going with Obelisk

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The Darkness destroys him.

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What stops the One Piece characters from just blitzing?

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R1: Amon

R2: Batman

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Maybe Karate Kid but I`m backing Blade.

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Cassandra Cain quite handily.

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@shadowpro said:

@neongamewave: the way to defeat him was literaly in the next room, to beat palpatine like he beat pariah he would need an cryogenic chamber and he needed an 100x power up he doesn-t have here

I agree and that is true but you are missing the point once again or atleast the analysis of it. Danny did under circumstantial reason defeated Pariah my point was his method and tactics, Palpatine is much weaker and more carefree which could play as a downfall, Danny could easily capitalize on that.

undergrowth is nowhere near pariah, that is.... his power to control plants which are everytwhere and to control people, and being nearly indestructible since he can regerate from nothing, but he does not have the same power as pariah, even sabber they fought like four times in season 3 and he was winning most of those battles, the fight in episode one, he was weakened and still had the upper hand, fight in iInfinite realms you can say the fights were more even than before, but danny did not beat him, instead vlad managed to irap him in a force field, in d-stabilzed he fought him with vlaerie and still it was a clone. There was never something said or implied about vlad thinking danny could supress him, even their last encounter ended in vlad breaking free of his ice which didn-t really work as a long term incap.

Did you overlook the point and pinpoint the wrong idea about the comparison? I blatantly stated that Undergrowth AND Dark Danny weren`t exactly on Pariah`s level although they actually do exceed him in other aspects such as intelligence and maneuverability. They fought for times? To my knowledge... They met in episode Urban Jungle but I believe you mean Pariah and although Danny did have the losing end in the initial battle (which I never denied) the fact is he found a way to beat him and that`s not Danny at the end of the show....

and again, he only defeated Dan because dan could not go with his full power agaisnt himself or it would have eneded in suicide, in fact he said it "What are you gonna do, waste me? What happens to you then?" that is a clear implication that he could not fight him with all his power, hence the reason he lost, in fact even with the ghostly wail he was stil standing.

What? That doesn`t change the fact that Danny put more power and muscle into his force of offense in their second encounter if you are to compare it to their first. Danny pretty much stalemated him until being distracted by Sam and Tucker who he thought died from the falling rubble. Dark Danny was much more powerful than Danny at that time but you have to remember that he still felt humiliated by his lost against Danny which more than implies that he wasn`t only reserving his power to test and traumatize Danny with his ultimate scheme but he actually was fighting Danny with more than enough power to justify Danny`s win against him. Also in case you mention Palpatine becoming a spirit like many like to do, Danny could always use his Thermos to capture Palpatine`s spectral energy or spirit.

ok, there was nothing in King Tuck that suggested that it was magic, that is not his experience because there is no magic in DP, the force is not magic, is true some powers are magical like, but it is not said to be magic, and the only one with powers you can say are magical is desiree and we all know what happened, it was a The writters didnt know how to defeat her case, ending in only two appearances from her as a villains, even worst that experience from that chapter... fighting an sphinx, how does that help him against a sith?

That actually was magic, if you rewatch the episode it was mentioned at one point in time and in the series its consistent to have magic as an explanation to things not like Fairly Odd Parents but there exists MAGIC to explain the paranormal event of certain things. Desiree for example is a clear example of magic even Pariah and Fright Knight have their roots stemming from the cores of magic its just paranormal with a principle of the supernatural involved. I only brought up the Sphinx as a small example in regards to Danny`s experiences this solidifies the fact that you are not understanding what I am typing and conveying in the arguments presented.

the only won against freakshow was because Jazz told him how, otherwise he wouldn-t have come up with a solution, you cannot deny that, and because freakshow-s need for dama and to entreataine worked against him, he could have turned him onto a bear, but he did not, that was pretty much plot

So what about Palpatine`s God-Complex and need for theatrics most of the time??? What about not finishing off Luke? Or seeing through betrayal? I never denied that Danny didn`t need help my point was he only got better with time which includes the element of planning and Palpatine likes to play and stall his enemies or make them seem insignificant.

mythical staff that was controlling people and ghost around the world,

ok, in what moment did he say his staff could contoll people? he said it claerly and I quote him as I hear him

If I`m not mistaken the staff itself has also has some type of secondary effect on people as well as ghosts and my point was Danny has seen and faced it that is the foundation for my point.

For generations my family has controlled ghosts with this; untold power and all they could think to do was to entertain the masses

non of that suggests human mind control, instead it is pretty specific about controlling only ghosts, and as I said it was because of Sam that he brooke free, it was the classic power of love trope and all that crap what what got him free. Lets not mention the fact that that staff cannot be compared with the power of a sith

I already addressed this.

regardless its impressive because in every sensibility he has become much defined tour de force by the end of the series

what is that suppouse to mean? I can-t be the only one who doesn-t understand that line

Its easy to understand that line, you are the only one debating it so.... Let me clarify then, my point is that Danny in many ways has become a much more defined powerhouse by the end of the series he has gained a better concept of control over his abilities.

I never said anything about the hypnotism being magical or not, and even though it does matter, not only it differs in the nature of the power, ione thing is being able to resist mind control because you are a hybrid another is to actually resist real telepathy ie mind reading, mind control, and every mind trick used with the force, specially of a being that is more powerfull than any of his foes. If he had faced true telepath like him and managed to resist them by sheer will power like captain america, it would be another thing

I addressed this already, now I seem to be the one not repeating or restating an argument taken out of context, I even admitted and agreed to telepathy as being an endgame for Danny I only highlighted possibilities that could play as factors.

ok,just show me anything of this so called experience, tell me anything he can do, based on what he “learned“ from those two only encounters with ember and freakshow that can save him from palpatine's mind powers

I addressed this as well.

Danny has experience and knowledge of these types of things also telepathy was a threat that I emphasized as immediate so that alone tells you my thoughts on the matter, if Palpatine does not rely or resort to that tactic, Danny should have this match within his grasp

now, that is something that makes sense, anyone here who knows about SW can tell how much does he uses his mind powers in a combat?

I have been in many Star Wars debates to tell you and to understand that Palpatine likes to talk to his opposition and he doesn`t go all out at one given time especially against an unknown enemy, a force storm my come as a first option.

Danny has shown plenty of times that he does not exactly need to go intangible to phase through things

he has to go intangible, if you think that he does intangible when he is invisible, you're wrong, those are two separate powers. If you are talking abut the book that passed through his midriff, well the same happened with a ghost sword used by youngblood

When he is intangible there are two contexts and concepts involved, he completely phases through things and also at certain points, he wouldn`t need to completely become transparent sometimes he can allow objects or anything else just to pass through him as a simple way of phasing and he can also become invisible simultaneously, actually your wrong I wasn`t talking about invisibility I was talking about phasing and becoming intangible, sometimes Danny can receive damage even during that conformation but its few in instances.

and you kind of overlooked my two points about duplication which by the end of the series Danny has full control and full understanding of, even his ice abilities are more effective another point you overlooked

I didn-t overlooked them, I just didn-t find anything wrong with them other than you sounded redundant when talking about his duplication power, and you are giving him way to much credit, he barely makes 3 clones and that was with effort, not to mention that they got fused back with a blow, literal air blow. The ice powers used for incap that is something I recon as a threat

How was I redundant? Also you did actually overlook them because you didn`t address those points, your becoming repetitive with your wordplay and arguments but I make sure to address every single detail because of the importance of knowing the right and wrong from the logic. Also notice, how I even mention his ice manipulation abilities which I did mention in the same context.... That is true, Vortex did do that but also if you notice, Danny learned how to not only duplicate into three or if I`m not mistaken there was more than three in that instant but they all follow his command and its not like Palpatine is well aware of this ability and is a native ghost like Vortex or Vlad, Danny can also make a potent energy shield to hold off Palpatine who is not even that powerful in the conversation of directness.

Speaking of overlooking, you totally overlook his equipment

How did I overlook his equipment when I was merely discussing his key abilities to winning? Lightsabers only mean he is going to try to engage in close combat and Sidious will respond also the ghost hunting gear makes it kind of a stomp especially with his prep, the Fenton Thermos is actually enough and I`m talking about the first round in regards to the overall battle, Sidious most likely will resort to getting quick results with telepathy but with one week of prep it probably wouldn`t even matter or make the difference.

In terms of Ember, that is true but the Danny at that point and the Danny at the ending point are two different Dannys

It does not change the fact that it was only his ghost side what kept her mind control form controling him, and I do not think that it makes any difference if it is the danny from season 1 or 3, even worst that might be the reason why she was barely there, because it would be to easy for him to beat her if she cannot control him

It actually does quite matter, basically what you are saying is that Ember even at the end point would be able to overcome Danny`s mind although he has shown time and time again to have quite the willpower even more impressive than some exceptional anime characters a medium known for the will battle dynamic and that says a lot, the mind is in many ways and a lot of times decided by will so that`s something that needs to be explained. Also it just reconfirms the fact that Danny has some form of experience in dealing with the method itself.

Danny is more mentally trained and developed its displayed via the way he combats and the way he constructs or deconstructs a plan.

ok, now you are making stuff up, mentaly trained? like when has he had any mental training? just because he is a great strategist, it does not mean he can resist mind control any better tha he did before, that is--the two points are non related dude!

Mentally trained doesn`t have to be like what you would see in DC and Marvel comics with Batman and Doctor Strange notice the word after mentally trained, developed that`s a strong and notable word. Mentally trained can just be thought process or learning and training your mind to accomplish something or improve upon a particular thing add in the fact of development Danny`s development has shown that he is not the misinformed and cocky or too loose individual he used to be at the beginning of the show. If your still not in understanding, I will showcase the definitions.

  1. Mental toughness is a contested term, in that many people use the term liberally to refer to any set of positive attributes that helps a person to cope with difficult situations.

Tell me a time in the series where this idea and attribute is not shown with Danny`s character? Especially with all that is seen and dealt with?

Danny learns from his mistakes

tue, he does, but the again, he has shown nothing that suggest he can resist mind control any better than he did in season 1

I already addressed this again, the statement of me stating that you are overlooking my points remains intact and correct for the simple fact that I said Sidious can easily win with telepathy I only brought up Danny`s exposure in the experience to him facing it because my point is it isn`t something new for him and he is no pushover this easily applies to round 2 with him having prep.

@neongamewave said:
@darkdefender said:

@neongamewave: Jmarshmallow*

I read that but does he have any feats capable of resisting Sidious's TP which is on a planetary level.

Cool :)

I wouldn`t say so but I do believe if telepathy were to not be instinctive indicated by Sidious` first move, I would see Danny taking the majority. Also another thing is, I wonder how Palpatine`s telepathy is going to prove to be effective on a half ghost like Danny the human side will be easily susceptible but this could play out as a factor to be considered.

I don-t see why his TP should not affect him for being half ghost, a mind is a mind, is not like ember or freakshow who affect an specific species

Noticed how I stated the word wonder, I`m curious and my point is that it is a possibility which is why I furthered my argument with this could play out as a factor to be considered knowing my arguments earlier will make this statement easily more definable.

I don`t think there is anything else more that I need to address but I do respect and understand your perspective :)