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Liu Kang wins he has versatility and stamina on his side.

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Team 2.

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Cool fight! I think Hellboy should take it his durability, strength, combat experience and endurance should grant him the win.

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Sure, some developments - like BFRing Captain Cold - rather than helplessly run in circles trying to run around the rogues. That's about it.

Many developments actually and ones that matter. Do you have anything better for Quicksilver or are you agreeing with me?

QS was beating them by running through them as if they were paper-thin without issue; Barry has to get a 3 mile head-start and super-sonic punch things to damage metal opponents. Barry really never gave the Reverse Flash trouble at all, at least none that I can recall.

Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black Widow were plowing through them as well nothing special. Barry could do the same and how do you know that those Ultron bots were as durable as Tony? My point was that he was keeping up with him and lasting quite a bit, if that was Pietro he would of been put down quickly he doesn`t last long during a fight the same way Barry does.

Pointing out both completely useless Barry can be without someone telling him what to do.

Again your falling back on your own bias and form of logic. Pietro is completely different from all those metahumans that Barry put away his fight with Quicksilver would be similar to how he fought RF only he will be the victor since Pietro can barely even pay attention to his surroundings.

Probably run through the bees tearing them to pieces at high-speeds without being tagged once.

And that`s based off of what exactly? Him tearing through fodder-stationary mechs also the bees would`ve cornered him eventually so you can`t use that logic cause it`s only assumption.

Quicksilver wasn't outwitted by Hawkeye - he just fell through a glass floor he wasn't paying attention to. That's pretty much it.

Barton did get the better of him in their second face-off that`s the point I`m trying to make. Pietro is clueless and too full of himself which is something you keep downplaying when that is something that needs to be considered for this fight.

Honestly, most of the Flash meta-humans would get owned by Quicksilver - at points significantly more easily than the Flash beat them. Girth and Grodd would have went down to him simply running at them at full speed - rather than breaking his hand or sub-sonic gorilla telepathy.

Prove it. Pietro wouldn`t even be able to counter Grodd`s telepathy without his sister`s intervention and I don`t see how he would beat Firestorm either since he has no counter for him just picking him up above ground also how do you know Pietro wouldn`t break his hand? Especially considering the fact that he runs much slower than Barry and him not being aware would get him killed also stop lowballing.

QS was shot by a Gatling-gun and was still carrying people to safety; QS pain tolerance is a LOT better.

Yeah right. This proves you are over-hyping him he was put down immediately after being riddled with bullets he protected Barton and got killed as a result stop twisting things also what about that time when Barton outmaneuvered him he went down quick. Barry has taken punches from RF and kept on going also if that was Barry he wouldn`t even be caught by the bullets in the first place.

Creating a wormhole has zero impact in this fight.

Seriously? The reason why I made that point in the first place was to clarify your fallacious reasoning and it has plenty of relevant impact considering it goes to show how fast Barry could go.

It's one thing to out-run an explosion, it's another to be hit by it.

? My original point was that he avoided the explosion it`s a testament to his speed and when has Quicksilver been hit by an explosion? You see my point? Your not making any sense with these arguments and your misconstruing mine.

My point I felt was a bit on the obvious side - If I remember right the big deal about this episode was Barry running on water.

So why are you even making a big deal about it in the first place? I was just trying to bring to light Barry`s speed your turning it into something else.

So falling through a hall because he wasn't aware he was on glass is a big win for Hawkeye over QS? Come on. During the train event Barry ended up frozen to the ground.

Because it shows his incompetence and his inability to keep a focused mind when in a tight spot that wouldn`t of happened to Barry. Barry has avoided arrows from Oliver when he was in a state of rage and Oliver>>Hawkeye (especially since Oliver has more feats) also when was Barry frozen, helpless or hopeless in that scenario? Now I think your the one who is watching a different show.

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I agree that things were frozen only it wasn`t Barry. Notice how Snart used that situation to get the better of him he wasn`t helpless when it came to saving lives he was just outwitted by a dangerous individual this isn`t as bad as the case dealing with Quicksilver and Hawkeye considering the context. The train event happened last minute during a time in which Barry and Cold were conversing, and then out of nowhere he decided to have the train lose it`s primary function.

Doesn't matter.

Yes it does especially since both are speedsters and Barry has experience when it comes to dealing with a speedster who is superior to him.

QS took breaks / panted it a bit - he otherwise had zero issues operating at long as he needed to.

Barry has endured through more punishment and he is only overwhelmed by a metahuman`s unique abilities he has kept his mind focused as well so going into this fight he`ll make sure to push himself this fight might even remind him of his fight with RF since he never encountered another speedster after that and his development alone would push him to win. Pietro can be knocked down by Hawkeye and overwhelmed by Thor`s hammer immediately he doesn`t just spring back into action while Barry can keep up with Snart, RF, and Grodd despite being inflicted considerable levels of punishment which vary depending on the metahuman/enemy type.

Given how random Barry's powers can be, sure.

He`s not only versatile when it comes to abilities but he also more versatile when it comes to fighting opponents.

Difference between speed and this?

Overall when everything is put into perspective, Barry has more going for him whether we factor speed or not, is my point.

The problem is Barry can't tank a punch from QS - his durability is god-awful in the Flash and rarely is Barry operating at QS speeds in his show in fights.

Seriously, despite every advantage Barry has he would probably lose this fight on his own show.

This you haven`t proven, all you have stated is that he is able to run through fodder Ultron bots and that Barry needs help a lot of the time. And how do you know he wouldn`t use his speed against Pietro someone who is a speedster? Your not making any sense your only making excuses.

And where`s your proof other than he has help and doesn`t fight metahumans with the right kind of speed?

All you have been doing is overrating Pietro and downplaying Barry also your twisting my arguments (which is clear) you can respond but I think were going to have agree to disagree you haven`t even provided a proper case it`s all assumption even if you were right about Pietro being stronger and more durable he STILL can`t catch Barry so eventually he`ll tire out (which was shown in AoU) and Barry would end up landing more punches.

That`s all that needs to be said and I`m done here.

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Batman but barely.

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1. Goku

2. Yusuke

3. Kenshiro

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I think between Silver Surfer and Nova he has shown a hint of care, compassion, understanding and interest especially in comparison to the others but I think when all is said, and done his survival is the most important thing that matters to him.

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The idea itself has potential and I think great things could be done if given the chance.

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@laylah said:
@neongamewave said:

That is true but a lot of the time like other mystical villains within the Marvel universe he too receives an amp that makes more powerful than h already is and his illusions/nightmare manifestations can be resisted.

Didn't those events occurred during a time in which he was empowered due to plot? Normally he ends up being defeated by Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider also (if I'm not mistaken) the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom have beaten him as well. Dante defeated Mundus during DMC1 (with the Sword of Sparda) EOS Dante is that only multiplied by 10 and Mundus could create dimensions, enslave demons mentally also he could grow to planetary levels.

I agree, but by gauging their general levels they're mostly operating on the same field especially feat-wise both being elaborate schemers and lords of their respective realms.

Nightmare was actually created to be like this. The Handbook mentions him being a ''Evil God'', so it's actually the other way around.

No, IIRC Nightmare putting everyone to sleep was during Chaos War and controlling dreams on other dimensions was during Defenders( Both of this issues aren't old). Nightmare is Strange's equal before the title of Sorcerer Supreme by Stephen's words and Nightmare doesn't usually lose to Ghost Rider. Doom absorbed Nightmare and with his technology isn't impossible, moreover, Jericho lost to Doom in this same series where he fought against Dormammu for a small period of time.

Doom was pretty impressive there.

This are some good feats, but Nightmare has some minions with the same abilities, in fact, his daughter called Dreamslayer did everything you said and she isn't even as powerful as Nightmare. Heck, the guy was even able to overpower one Elder God.

Being a lord of your own realm doesn't mean you're equal to the others as we saw multiple ones being hardly impressive such as Tiboro and while Mephisto has better hype than Nightmare.....The same can't be said of feats.

You bring up awesome points :)

The handbooks vary though and that doesn`t mean much considering his consistent showings don`t match up to the more powerful types that belong in the same territory such as Dormammu, Surtur and Cytorrak.

I remember that storyline and I`m pretty sure it had something to do with a plot device/plot convenience as Mikaboshi killed Nightmare which later would cause those who went to sleep to go berserk. The thing is that Nightmare while insanely powerful is still capable and vulnerable to situations in which he would lose to those who are a little below him. Strange says a lot about many characters throughout the Marvel universe whether it be a hero or villain, he made note of the Hulk being the one to end reality, the Ghost Rider`s potential, Dormammu being his greatest enemy and etc. He lost to Ghost Rider before and is usually challenged by him even when in his own realm also Nightmare draws power from the mind in regards to fear, trauma and more so that factors into his power a lot of the time he doesn`t start out all godlike. Doom`s context may be different than Ghost Rider`s, Dr Strange`s or Dante`s but I think it still can be applied via the fact that one way or the other Nightmare can be overcome despite his power in correlation to his power level he can be brought down under the right circumstances and I believe that has plot context to it as well.

I agree.

I see what you mean but I don`t think it applies to Mundus. Mundus has shown those capabilities but combat-wise he is no slouch he took on Sparda (the most skilled swordsman throughout the Underworld) and he later took on Dante while Dreamslayer may not be as powerful as her father Nightmare she still could be very well below Mundus in that same regard despite sharing the same capabilities as him besides power-sets and power-levels both Mundus and Dreamslayer would have to be compared feat for feat when it comes to being combatants. Mundus can also create life and he rules the universal plane called the Underworld those factors alone also may give him the edge over Dreamslayer also being the Emperor/Devil of the DMC universe systematically he would be more powerful as well. There are feats where we see Mephisto challenge Galactus in his own realm (although he was inferior and was afraid of Galactus consuming his realm) this same character was beaten by Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Thor and etc.

That is true but it does still vary. Mephisto might not be equal to Nightmare but he is still roughly comparable and with Hell Lords in the Marvel universe they usually can challenge each other politically and physically despite the other having better feats an example being Satannish, Dormammu is different because beings like that are in another league so arguments that are usually applicable become void.