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None of them have been released yet but I have a feeling it will go like this:

Earnings - AoU > DoJ > XA

Ratings - AoU > XA > DoJ

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The Authority handily.

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SMT was the true representation to Dante`s canon so its not far off from what we can expect from his character. The fact that Lucifer went out of his way to specifically pick Dante as the one to test and challenge Demi-Fiend goes to show how powerful Dante is, and the Dante that was used in that game was DMC2 Dante the most current in the canon who beat the transcendent of his universe with no effort at all. Most characters listed so far would lose to Dante. I`m a huge Final Fantasy fan but it would take the Top-Tier characters to really beat him. Sephiroth and Kefka would lose, Exdeath would beat him easily though and a case could be made for Ultimecia being above him although that alone could be debated. Some have made noteworthy cases for Lightning being able to match him but that`s highly debatable. Alucard even Schrodinger (which isn`t even TRUE omnipresence by definition) would likely lose to a Dante at his strongest and I don`t even think Dante would have to really try. Jack wouldn`t last a few seconds against Dante his sword could do some damage but it won`t be enough to put him down. Goku could stomp because of the gap in speed and raw power but Goku has never faced someone like Dante before especially with all of his godlike/insane hax. Crash Bandicoot could be really hard to beat due to the magic and guidance he gets from Aku Aku also a case could be made for him having a unique variation of Toon Force despite being a video game character.

@iamoptimusprime said:


As much as I like Ichigo he wouldn`t stand a chance.

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The Team would win with prep but in a random encounter I see Upgrade winning.

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Epic fight!

I think Team 2 should have the majority, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have the feats as well as stats (skill-wise) to say they could hang with Bruce and Cass but with Leon and Chris it would only make it that much more closer since Chris and Leon based on feats also Lore are as strong if not stronger than Batman and Batgirl and with their gear as well they could home in on their advantage while being able to capitalize on it with range and strategical maneuvers.

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The movie could turn out good or it could turn out bad, however that all depends. You have to wait until it comes out to give an accurate assessment of its performance.

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There is no such thing as the greatest superhero of all time as it would take everybody to agree. However, many would say Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, and Batman. Those are the usual picks although I don`t have a favorite superhero character I do have a favorite comic book character. Rorschach is a character I could see as being the closest to my personal favorite comic book character of all time and my favorite anti-hero character would be Spawn (Al Simmons).

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In terms of movies, TV and anime/manga I would say yes. It was a very enjoyable year for those specific types of media it wasn`t perfect but the moments were memorable enough to say this year was a good year :)

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Lucifer & Michael


The Presence

The writers