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@neongamewave: Sephiroth was toying with Cloud in Advent Children... He never took the fight seriously, just watch the video, and it is fairly obvious. Cloud never stood a chance and was constantly being over-whelmed, Sephiroth stabbed him when he was done playing with him.

The thing about Sephiroth is he does not take anyone seriously (Never needed to, he is just that strong) and tends to play with them never going all out. If he had gone all out, Cloud would have died when Sephiroth stabbed him. Cloud didn't 'beat' Sephiroth so much as catch him by surprise which Dante could do as well.

I watched the entire movie.... I know Sephiroth was toying with Cloud but how does that exactly save Sephiroth from the fact that Cloud isn`t even 10% of basic level Dante?

I agree that Sephiroth is fairly powerful but most if not all of that power rests within his magic. Dante is highly and I mean HIGHLY resistant to the most powerful as well as pure magic ever and even since his more youthful years, its never truly hindered him. Dante`s weapons unlike Cloud`s operate on a dimensional/soul level, his weapons can harm Mundus who is more powerful than Sephiroth and that`s not bringing into his account his hax.

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Using ABC logic with Cloud doesn't really work...he struggles with Rude and Reno, then beats Diamond Weapon lol it was made pretty clear the entire game that Cloud is significantly weaker than Sephiroth, but he of all his crew was able to best him because he was connected to him. Sephiroth wouldn't treat Dante like Cloud, so that means no handicap, but also no mind control. Which is nice...

That said, Mundus was powerful, but he lacked the raw versatility that Sephiroth has, and concrete proof he was ascending to a planetary level. Now Dante and Sephiroth have a counter for basically everything the other can do with a few exceptions... Dante's Royal Guard is better than any defensive spell Sephiroth has, Sparda>Masamune, Sephiroth's regen is constant (when cast) and Sephiroth has 2 different ways to cast the spell Death. Or three, idr. IMO, no Dante but DMC 4 Dante even stands a chance, but at max power...honestly between magic, Jenova powers, Kingdom Hearts abilities, and absorbing the lifestream, Sephiroth outclasses Dante in versatility, which is his greatest strength. Not saying being able to stab hundreds of times in a direction isn't effective, but endlessly spamming a nova counter every couple seconds, casting lasting magic that stays in effect while attacking physically....its no contest. Sephiroth would lay it down harder than any boss Dante's ever faced. It's not a stomp, but I'd give Sephiroth 8/10

Mind control doesn`t affect Dante and Sephiroth being a magical character isn`t saving him..... You haven`t actually debunked the facts especially since your overlooking the fact that Cloud is a flee comapred to Dante so to make that comparison or connection isn`t really a valid voice of opinion neither is it fact, your actually and indirectly fashioning Sephiroth as a weak character since all he has ever fought or beaten is basic superhuman level characters which in DMC 3 was already made the norm right up until DMC 2 where things started to become universal and dimensional.... Not that it really matters because the concepts of universe and dimension was already present in the canon DMC 3 manga which takes place one year before DMC 3.

You clearly don`t know how powerful Mundus was....... Mundus worked on a dimensional level and I already went over everything listed here..... The fact that Mundus rules over a multifaceted realm which is the Underworld speaks volumes about his authoritative power. Magic is the last thing you want to use on Dante, his much weaker and less developed Devil Triggers absorb magic also Dante actually has the raw power advantage in magic, his weapons break spells and reality warping laws. Also what would Nova exactly do? Especially since supernova his most powerful technique as believed by many is an illusion and Dante always sees through illusions.... Ordinary meteors won`t do a thing when Dante can summon dragons in his Sparda DT form which breaks through large rocks, Mundus`s reality waring in one-shot and his defenses also he can spam his own forms of meteorites when in this form. Another thing is that the Sparda form isn`t even half of his Majin Form which is invulnerable to all damage and how is Sephiroth going to counter Yamato? Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts was driven away by Sora TWICE also Sora isn`t as powerful or as experienced as Dante is and I`m a HUGE Sora fan.... Dante is also faster than Sephiroth so, I don`t where are you gettting the idea that they match each other in every kind of way when Sephiroth`s only true advantage is his versatility in magic which wouldn`t matter anyway because magic never proved to be a kryptonite for Dante to begin with.

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Nice match :) Daizmon should win in this scenario but I think in terms of history, Luke is more impressive.

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Awesome opening!!! I`m going to showcase my counter argument soon and I can`t wait :)

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Good points and thanks for the explanation :)

I think while its true that the anime team with them being a team will have the numeric advantage and would be able to plot seamlessly as well as simultaneously for how they plan one step at a time, I think Batman has enough experience to give fact to the credibility that he could hold his own and pull it off against the anime team, Knightfall, The Long Halloween and many more storylines relevant to his overall character would be some great examples but with him having prep makes things more interesting in this specific scenario.

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I would count in Raziel not only for his sheer awesomeness but just because he made the underrated wraith look and sound cool, cooler than some werewolves, vampires and etcetera. Especially with him being a former vampire, his motivations being motivated by the vampire Kain is just undeniably pure epic!!! But there are just too many to name, Raziel is the first that comes to mind in regards to being an unpredictable and unpicked choice.

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This is a cool match up :) Rick Grimes should win due to the fact that he is more experienced and overall instinctive fighter he`s gotten into many heated confrontations that required him to use his hands rather than a gun, and he pulled off the wins really well especially in circumstances out of his control.

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Cool, do you have any reasons why he would win against the anime team though?


Good point but the anime team will be more than a match for him in their own terms.

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What do you mean? Do you have any thoughts on the actual debate?

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