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Good points and thanks for the explanation :)

I think while its true that the anime team with them being a team will have the numeric advantage and would be able to plot seamlessly as well as simultaneously for how they plan one step at a time, I think Batman has enough experience to give fact to the credibility that he could hold his own and pull it off against the anime team, Knightfall, The Long Halloween and many more storylines relevant to his overall character would be some great examples but with him having prep makes things more interesting in this specific scenario.

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I would count in Raziel not only for his sheer awesomeness but just because he made the underrated wraith look and sound cool, cooler than some werewolves, vampires and etcetera. Especially with him being a former vampire, his motivations being motivated by the vampire Kain is just undeniably pure epic!!! But there are just too many to name, Raziel is the first that comes to mind in regards to being an unpredictable and unpicked choice.

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This is a cool match up :) Rick Grimes should win due to the fact that he is more experienced and overall instinctive fighter he`s gotten into many heated confrontations that required him to use his hands rather than a gun, and he pulled off the wins really well especially in circumstances out of his control.

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Cool, do you have any reasons why he would win against the anime team though?


Good point but the anime team will be more than a match for him in their own terms.

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What do you mean? Do you have any thoughts on the actual debate?

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Again I greatly apologize for such the long wait and I am very sorry for taking so long as I don`t want to miss out on all the different votes myself as well as the moments in that they are counted. I did a reread as I reanalyzed the whole debate which I`m strikingly stoked to say was worth it 1000%!!! This debate was just beyond the beyond when it comes to everything that is to be expected from any debate regardless if its a team themed one, CaV, Tournament it doesn`t matter all debaters here represented and represented well! Now getting down to the mechanics, gears and details of the debate itself, both teams in their own specialized way convinced me of victory. @lukehero`s team did a stellar and crafty job in coming up with team varieties as they also individually and wholly put their characters to the forefront with full frontal ferocity, @lukehero did a admiringly-amazingly A+ job in showcasing Garaa and why he`s quite the force to be reckoned with throughout the entire debate :) Now as for @wyldsong`s team they did a fascinating and epic job in articulating their opponents` arguments while astoundingly abounding in their own awesome argumentative counters to each and every character!!! All of the characters were shown in complete depth and all characters were fully exploited with every careful step, the level of detail as well as knowledge that was expertly executed is highly exceptional as it would inspire you to take notes never to forget where those notes came from :) @wyldsong really did Aphrodite IX justice with no slowing down and he really did escalate the level of impressiveness throughout this entire debate his perspective was thoroughly engaging and well timed from moment to moment!! Now with all this said, I think both teams take it as I cannot accurately decide which team is the winner both sides proved to me that I soon one day should partake in one of these awesome debates and I will never forget this one as it inspired me to do so! However, if I were to give an edge to a specific team it would have to be @wyldsong `s as they convinced me on the strategies and used the right cards at the right time but @lukehero`s team wins it for me also for their unique forwardness in the arguments presented. Overall, this debate was so awesome, so awesome, that I myself felt left out.... I wish I participated in this debate and event who wouldn`t?

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Do you have any specific reasons?


The Anime Team cannot have access to outside help it is restricted to them and it is primarily a team effort. Batman cannot call in for help either, in terms of Loki he cannot use magic he was by his father Odin banished to Earth and configured into a human form as well as body all he can rely on is his intelligence being a detective as well as crime solver he has no access to magic and even with magic, I still think Batman could find ways around it since he has too much experience dealing with it within his history also even as a JL member he`s pretty much constantly coming to terms with magic as he has encounters with it as well but Loki in a sense would take the majority.

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