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I`ve seen the feats and what does votes have to do with anything? None of what has been presented is enough to validate the reason why Surfer stomps or swoops so easily. Many forget that Asura can repel or deconstruct energy, him being able to oppose reality warping with brute force alone is a testament to raw power. His kinetic energy could hurt Surfer, the only real issue Asura will have is speed but even then I`m not convinced. The reason as to why I`m not convinced is because it is blatantly, thematically, literally, symbolically and consistently shown throughout the whole entire Asura`s Wrath gaming experience that the more anger Asura accumulates the greater his godhood in which I am referring to his Mantra energy. This same foundation for power has allowed Asura to go from being Asura the Destructor who can easily traverse at FTL-MFTL speeds instantly and being able to cause damage to, destroy or completely collapse planets, suns, stars and celestial bodies of great proportions taking this more into account, Asura actually lost to Chakravartin when he ascended to his The Creator form. Remember, Asura the Destructor is supposed to be Asura`s greatest form yet he lost to Chakravartin who used one finger to restrict him to his base form yet with his angry mantra energy he was able to defeat Chakravartin in his BASE FORM. What this means is that Asura like the Hulk but better and greater can become incalculably greater to all forms of harm so even with his speed I don`t see how Surfer would be an exception when Asura`s Mantra has shown to be the greater detractor of the under rule effect law as he can break reality warping energy, I doubt the Asura of the beginning of the game would be able to demonstrate that same form of raw power if he weren`t to experience the destruction of his Asura the Destructor form which could mean (by opinion and my own theory) that he must be destroyed by the Creator to become the real Destructor in which he ended up killing and destroying Chakravartin which then caused the destruction of the universe and it rebooted after, I have debated this many times, played the game and saw the endings while doing some research as well as looking into the mythologies/religions that connect to the theme of the game and we have to remember Charkravartin is someone who is more powerful and experienced than the Silver Surfer. Speed, telepathy, energy manipulation, reality warping and molecule manipulation/matter manipulation should indeed fit into the same category of those certain things that just don`t work on the god or I should say godhood of that of someone like Asura and Chakravartin`s reality warping wasn`t low-tier it wasn`t even mid-tier or high-tier it was high-tier +. He was able to create pocket dimensions effortlessly, realities and his inner energy output is pretty much universal + level. Also lower gods have beaten Silver Surfer (who was actually putting effort into those fights) such as Thor and Hulk being quite close to Asura in concept, vice-versa was able to beat Surfer or give him the challenge in his strongest or more tamed forms and those transformations still don`t match what Asura can do with his anger fused with the power of his Mantra. I can go deeper into this, but I might as well leave it at here and not ramble on, many don`t know the context behind the Asura`s Wrath game.... If we are to look into the regionalism and mythology of it, then things get more interesting, that`s all I have to say...

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I`m back to this thread again and people still think Silver Surfer can beat Asura? Asura curbstomps, no contest.

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It could go either way IMO.

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Rap Battling: Eminem

Fighting: Vanilla Ice

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Team 1.