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Now its time for my official big break. I have taken a temporary break recently but this will be my longest break to date, I`m not going to be on here for a very good long time. I`m not really sure how long I`m going to be gone but I hope everyone has fun, keeps up the great debating as usual and stays awesome as well as positive that alone will make me happy :)

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Jackie Chan wins.

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I think Ryu would be too much for Nero. While Nero was indeed very strong with his Devil Bringer Arm and even with Yamato in his possession as he did show that he could bring out the true power that was laying dormant inside of it, however he`s still very much outclassed in skill, intelligence, speed, versatility and raw power.

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This is a really unique and original match-up!

Personally, I think Detective Chimp is very impressive in his own right and I think he would probably end up having a lead on Light during the investigation but I think Light has the upper hand even with L and Near being as smart, insightful, dedicated and observant as they were while having all possible resources at their disposal they still had a really hard time in figuring out who Light Yagami was. Even if Detective Chimp was to find out who Light really was or that he is indeed Kira, I`m not sure if he would be able to take down Light in time although the same could be said for Light not being able to stop someone as unique as Detective Chimp.

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Dante (Anime) curbstomps.

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Ollie handily.

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Ultron takes this but Firestorm is a underrated character IMO.

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Stops at 4.

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The Spectre should take this pretty easily. While Thanos was a force to be reckoned with due to the impressive control he had over the Infinity Gauntlet as he was owning multiple Abstracts, I don`t see how he would be able to beat an Unbound Spectre whose might comes directly from the Presence.

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@pern said:

@god_of_batman: That's exactly what I was thinking. Post-Schrodinger Alucard doesn't have any combat abilities. Plus he can't absorb souls anymore.

@neongamewave I don't doubt that Dante can beat Pre-S Alucard, but how is he going to beat Post-S Alucard? I agree his powers aren't omnipresence, more like respawning/teleporting, but even so how could Dante possibly counter this. Even such things like immortality negation wouldn't be effective as Alucard would just be somewhere where he isn't getting attacked.

Good question. I think Dante could manage a win via BFR he has shown multiple times that he can seal his enemies such as Mundus, Arkham and Abigail. While in his weakest incarnation he needed the power and assistance from his brother Vergil to banish Arkham and later it was Trish against Mundus the anime emphasizes that Dante became more powerful than his father which is why he was able to banish the power of Abigail from Sid with his own power. I`m pretty sure that could hold off Alucard and Dante`s weapons are composed of souls so I`m pretty sure they would be super effective against the single soul that Alucard is empowered by which is the soul of Schrodinger even if Dante can`t beat him he could atleast stalemate him because Alucard has nothing in his arsenal that would be able to threaten Dante in any way. The instance with Sid could possibly be applicable to Alucard since Sid became the avatar of the demon Abigail and Dante was able to depower/revert him back to his original state.

@kuja9001 said:

Why do you people keep bringing up SMT as if that's canon? It's not.

Nobody in DMC Unniversal or MFTL.

No one is saying that anybody in the DMC universe is MFTL but one things for sure Dante is lightspeed that`s a given and even if SMT is non-canon the fact that Dante is canon to that universe says that what happened in that universe is canon to his character (Lore) even if it wasn`t canon to DMC we can definitely say that what took place in that game was genuine. It was the same DMC2 Dante that we were playing as in DMC2 the creators went out of their way to showcase and emphasize that fact. Also the closest to universal would be Mundus since the creator of DMC already confirmed that he created a universe under his own power but I think Mundus is more so a planetary+ threat/power and is universal when it comes to manipulation.