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Helghast. They have a weapon capable of shooting massive lightning into the stratosphere, as well as a hand held electric gun as well. I think that should tip the battle.

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@ThanoStomp said:

Ronan has no chance against Despero or Black Adam. This comes down to Surfer and Quasar vs. DC.

And the fact as I said Nova solos.
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She dies at Thor.

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Corp vs Corp. The Sinestros would win, but if this was just a fight between Nova and Sinistro, Nova would win in an intergalactic stomp.

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@DeathsHead2 said:

Agreeing with GS94 (above). Stops by Round 7. Colossusnaut, Namor, Thor & Hulk will be all that is left standing by Round 7. They can NOT win Round 7 alone...

Namor? LOL. I was looking for him to die at round 1. 
By the time the X-men/Avengers team gets to round 6 realistically all that should be standing unless everything goes horribly. Rouge, Nate, Sue, Iceman, Ares, Herc, Hulk, Rulk, Thor, Sentry. IF by some absolute MIRACLE they get past The Hyper Clan and Cancer-verse. They get utterly snuffed out at Round 6. 
Wait a minute. Unless the Tanks can keep Strange and Emma alive long enough to pull a dues ex machina... in round 6 and 7?
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I dunno. I think the Turtles might clear it. Yes we know Leonardo is the best fighter, and Raphael is ferocious, but when Michelangelo has his back against the wall and his brothers are either hurt or losing badly you will face a force like you have never seen, which makes potentially the most dangerous one.

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This latest Nolan outing is shaping up to be a downright disaster. Bane doesn' t look right. Catwoman looks positively stupid. I'm not saying he shouldn't have done a 3rd film, but it will never reach the magnificent heights of the second film, and looks as it will be just as poor as the first. Maybe if they had cast another villain from Batmans rogue gallery, but this all seems, too much now.

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@n8hobbs said:

Thank goodness we got Batman, which has turned out to be amazing in my opinion. Plus if you haven't done so, read Nightwing, it's not as powerful as Batman but it's a pretty good rea

No. No we don't. I was immensely enjoying Batman ( The New 52 ) up until issue 5. As of finishing issue 6. I am done, and I am gone. I literally had to go to the front page to see if Loeb somehow snuck into this one. No overall arching plot, not well thought out plan, no cliffhanger leading to another issue where Batman would turn it around in intelligent, breath taking fashion. Just Batman digs deeps and pulls it off, because he is well...Batman. This may have worked when I was 12, maybe 13. I'm 30 now, and quite frankly. This is not justifiable on any scale. People should have been immediately fired or let go after that issue.

I will see how Blue Bettle ends up in the coming months, as usual, if the writing remains consistently poor, which has always been in DC. I can offically wipe my hands clean of this rancid, insipid company.

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Team Stomps horribly round one.

Round 2 team dies, because you took away their only means of victory with a BFR

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OH MY GOD! Of all the X-men who could pose a threat to a massively front loaded and powerful JLA team you post this team? THIS team, these set of Mutants!? I could make a better team that has a chance in my sleep.

Jesus God. JLA in a MASSIVE stomp.