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@Warcry80 said:
" @Neon_Nemesis: Sorry buddy what you see is what you get! So before trying to run me off because I actually defended Dragonball just give me time and watch my actions. I'm not leaving the site because i like it thats why I joined it. You can't run off everyone who likes DBZ as well as American comics! Let it go, I have no time to multi acct! 91 alts good God! LOL! "
Apparently you do Spike
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@Ferro Vida said:
" Zoom "
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Hal froze time in the entire universe
He wins

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@ghostrider fan1 said:

" @Neon_Nemesis: hey isnt the GL's weakness anything thats yellow? what color is IR suit? thats right YELLOW!!!!!!! thats probably the best way he wouold win, make a all yellow suit and whomp on him unless thosse stupid DC writers say that "he's the only GL unaffected by yellow stuff" and bull crap like that or do me a favor and shut the hell up with your smartass comments because you think you know EVERYTHING about gl so just shut the hell up "

Can you please do everyone a favor, and never post on this site again? Thanks
@SilverSentry:  Agreed
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@mavfan626 said:

" @Neon_Nemesis:  calm down neon your always insulting people, what? did you drink to much coffee today? someone stole your parking spot? jeez go vent somewhere else!        "

You're still an idiot, this thread is proof of that 
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@gmalltheway said:
lol @ ppl who think goku cant destroy a planet! 
watch the episode after raditz dies in season 1 
vegeta destroys a planet with a beam that even krillin could produce 
 now look at the fact that vegeta is like a spec of dirt compared to ssj3 goku 
more proof? 
frieza destroyed planet vegeta with 1 finger in his 1st form 
he is also a spec compared to ssj3 goku! 
more proof? 
debora states to babidi the amound of killies needed to destroy a planet 
goku in a supressed ssj1 is x4 more powerful then yakkon and yakkon has 10 times as many killies needed to destroy a planet 
now for those of u saying goku struggled with 40 tons in the world tournament saga 
yes dbz is in consistent but i might also add he wasnt lifting a 40 ton block and then droping it 
he was training with 10 tons on each limb while flying on a planet with 10x the gravity of earth... 
not to mention when he went super saiyan it was a breeze for him....... 
and i might also add that goku can instant transmission so all he has to do is instant trasnmision in the reapers blow them up from the inside and move on to the next which wouldnt take long at all considering how fast he is 
and hed only need to do that if he couldnt get through the shields like some of u r sugesting, alot of u just dont like dbz and thus why ur siding with the reapers but if u dont like dbz then why post in a topic about it? 
also on a final note using the logic of an 8 year old Broly whos power is maximum was defeated by goku thus goku's power is above maximum!
This post is full of so much fail
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@Prince of Saiyans said:
" I wanted to get opinions on the strongest ever marvel characters. For me it would go:  1)Pre Retcon Beyonder 2)The One Above All  3) Pre Retcon Molecule Man 4) Living Tribunal 5) Full Power Phoenix   Is this correct?  "
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@Warcry80 said:
" @Neon_Nemesis: Wow you guys have been trolled until your paranoid about anyone who comes on this site! Sorry but I have to admit I love Anime and Manga equally as much as i do American Comics! Don't have time to troll, but even as a bystander i can only take so much of the hatred for fictional characters. I'm on cbub and write lotss of matches up on there so If there was anyway to prove i'm not trolling it's there! If there was any other way I could i would! Dude i'll be 30 in June I'll defend some characters to hope that people listen to some reasoning but i won't ever argue over these threads! This is purely a way to pass time with a hobby i like which happens to be Comics, Anime and Manga. "
Yeah, your definetly Death from Above/Spike 
That makes 91 accounts now, your running out of proxy servers son
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@mavfan626 said:

" @Neon_Nemesis: Ok neon we all know you hate MK   "

No, you're just an idiot who makes retarded threads on characters you know nothing about
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@SilverSentry said:
" @Neon_Nemesis said:

" @Warcry80: Ok, now try posting that on your real account "

LMAO Zoom kills them all in under 5 seconds "
Seriously, trolls alt accounts like Warcry80 stick out like a sore thumb