The Villains Will Live On

The Dark Knight is a movie to behold. It was so amazing that I watched it two to three times. For the first time however, the star of the movie is not the hero but rather the villains and I do mean both Joker and Two-Face. As a comic book fan, It was amazing to see how these characters are supposed to be represented into real life. Jack did a great job before, I dont mean to be rude, but this movie was just way past amazing. After I watced for the first time, I was just a loss for words. I still cant get Jokers laugh out of my mind. Finally a movie that represents Jokers real attitude, A true murdering psycopath who wants to see the world burn rather than just some joker who kills for a laugh. Another thing that i like about that movie was Two-Face's costume as well as presence. When Harvey appeared as two face you can feel his aura and presence especially with the uit on. You could see and feel his character and yet be so intimidated just by watching him stand there and flip his coin.

Im kinda glad that this franchise wont continue on. For me it is always nice to go with a bang. It would be nice though to have a sequel but after this movie I feel that I wouldnt want a sequel to come out and not keep up with what this movie has to offer.


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