The Return

It has been a long time since I have been gone from this wonderful site. I just hope that there is still some work for me to do here. I have travelled all over the internet trying to find this site ever since I got a new laptop. I ended up combing over a lot of sites that are also information sites based on comic books but I have got to say that nothing matches up to this one.

I handle mostly superheroes, villains or teams that are not on the spotlight of most comic book fans. People all know the story of spiderman and venom but how about the others. If you notice my contributions so far I handle individuals such as circus of crime and such groups since there are not always known by new marvel enthusiasts.

Its glad to be back and black

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Posted by mach speed 14

do you konw that wolverine is going to have his own movie this year? no x-men just him and hell fight sabertooth and gambit i think

Posted by The Psyentist

Yeah, it WAS disappointing. They had to kill off Cyclops because he was in Superman and was so guess.

Oh, yeah, I want to see Emma and Gambit!