Starcraft 2

Finally it comes out. Starcraft finally comes out and It rocks
so far the only problem I see is that you are going to need to be online to even play anything. You will have to create an account. There are achievements to be had and the interface rocks and I'm just talking about the main menu
Im just a casual player, not much into playing online competitions. but thats fine. the story is awesome and its fun to play the story since there is so much to do in it. You can hire merceneries such as the spartan group, Hel's Angels, and the Hammer Corporation. In quest mode, units like medics, firebats, vultures are back. you can make upgrades to your buildings like adding two more slots in your bunker or upgrading units line of fire. You can also do research againts the zerg and protoss giving you new units  and add-ons. such as automatic vespene gathering, planetary fortress. burrowing flamethrower turrets and much more. The story is pretty awesome not done yet. so far what I know that its hinting that Kerrigan is not as bad as she seems that she was turned to the queen to liberate zergs from slavery. So far, not sure yet, kerrigan is the key to liberate and save the universe

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Posted by Craig Lovecraft

I sucked at the first one and couldn't survive more than 5 minutes without the codes, but I'll probably pick this one up. As for Kerrigan, I hope they don't end up making her be good. I want her dead! She killed Fenix and Duke and made everyone's lives hell!

Posted by Neon Black

I don't want to spoil the story so I wont reveal anything more. except that starcraft 2 connects the things that were left hanging on the first game.  Such as why was kerrigan left turned to a zerg queen in the first? I'm sure there are more ghosts out there that would have been just as powerful.
Its amazing seeing vultures, medics, and firebats in 3d. Firebats look amazingly cool now. Not just red marines anymore. They look more mech like.