DC Universe Online

Finally playing it in the PS3
Its a fun game but there too many bugs and unstability.
Queue lines when logging in. graphical bugs; sometimes the enemies are teleporting at random places around you.  Seems kind of short too, especially since the game ends in Level 30. Its kinda like they didnt expect too much about the game and left it small. More of the reason why the numerous maintenance issues always occur.  Wish the game is bigger, more cities, mentors, missons quests and alerts
its fun though overall, finished my first alert. I was a solo villain playing with other soloists who happen to be there at the same time. It was awesome and I think the point of this game is for you to take your time, create as many characters as you can and explore the entirety of the game and hope they release and expand the game as much as you can.
Find me in the game, Currently have two characters. Vortech and Black Beret. both are villains. Currently thinking of bios for them just for the fun of it

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