DC universe online is closing in on me and I cannot stop shivering in excitement. I signed up for the beta release and will try getting the demo on my ps3. So far I like what I see. You can switch from close to ranged, you are not isolated with shooting arrows when your opponent is literally right next to you. When you have fire powers you can still punch and not stick to shooting fireballs. A lot of Batman villains though....
They say its going to be free to play which is awesome. These guys are really tempting me to go on a gaming binge. if it will be pay to play that will be allright, worthit for a huge comic fan such as myself.  hopefully its really going to be free to play. Heroes and Villains, more of a hero person myself.
too bad Marvel universe online had to cancel. It would have been good competition. but due to legal problems, well one thing led to another. however DC online is good to go and I cant wait for it to appear

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