Change is in the air

One of the things that has always bothered me in the world of comics is Disney's purchase of Marvel.  Ive seen their interviews and all that and they keep
promising that Marvel will always been the same marvel that we have all come to love but some part of me always keeps thinking that these comments are
very hard to believe. What about the allegiance of certain gaming companies such as activision and vicarious visions ? I think things are just going to be just 
complicated from here on end
One of the things that just pops in is the Kingdom hearts game that we all play and instead of FF characters it will be  a crossover of disney characters and Marvel. imagine that Mickey mouse and Goofy fighting alongside Wolverine. Thats just wrong in many levels. I just hope they dont downplay the storylines and action to be a lot more appealing to their "young" customers. 
I hope its just me being paranoid. I sense change is in the air

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