DC Universe Online

Finally playing it in the PS3
Its a fun game but there too many bugs and unstability.
Queue lines when logging in. graphical bugs; sometimes the enemies are teleporting at random places around you.  Seems kind of short too, especially since the game ends in Level 30. Its kinda like they didnt expect too much about the game and left it small. More of the reason why the numerous maintenance issues always occur.  Wish the game is bigger, more cities, mentors, missons quests and alerts
its fun though overall, finished my first alert. I was a solo villain playing with other soloists who happen to be there at the same time. It was awesome and I think the point of this game is for you to take your time, create as many characters as you can and explore the entirety of the game and hope they release and expand the game as much as you can.
Find me in the game, Currently have two characters. Vortech and Black Beret. both are villains. Currently thinking of bios for them just for the fun of it

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Marvel Video Games

heard of two new games coming out that got my eye. one was x-men destiny and DC Online. Hopefully x-men destiny will come out great since the idea of playing as your own mutant is great. as for DC Online, coming out in January sounds great. on the other side, its a paid for game unlike Champions Online who is a free game. DC Online becoming a pay to play game seems to be a bad move but if game play is good, worth it since I like playing alongside famous DC comic characters rather than playing with unknown NPC characters. 
In the end we'll see and if all else fails play the free to play games.

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Starcraft 2

Finally it comes out. Starcraft finally comes out and It rocks
so far the only problem I see is that you are going to need to be online to even play anything. You will have to create an account. There are achievements to be had and the interface rocks and I'm just talking about the main menu
Im just a casual player, not much into playing online competitions. but thats fine. the story is awesome and its fun to play the story since there is so much to do in it. You can hire merceneries such as the spartan group, Hel's Angels, and the Hammer Corporation. In quest mode, units like medics, firebats, vultures are back. you can make upgrades to your buildings like adding two more slots in your bunker or upgrading units line of fire. You can also do research againts the zerg and protoss giving you new units  and add-ons. such as automatic vespene gathering, planetary fortress. burrowing flamethrower turrets and much more. The story is pretty awesome not done yet. so far what I know that its hinting that Kerrigan is not as bad as she seems that she was turned to the queen to liberate zergs from slavery. So far, not sure yet, kerrigan is the key to liberate and save the universe



DC universe online is closing in on me and I cannot stop shivering in excitement. I signed up for the beta release and will try getting the demo on my ps3. So far I like what I see. You can switch from close to ranged, you are not isolated with shooting arrows when your opponent is literally right next to you. When you have fire powers you can still punch and not stick to shooting fireballs. A lot of Batman villains though....
They say its going to be free to play which is awesome. These guys are really tempting me to go on a gaming binge. if it will be pay to play that will be allright, worthit for a huge comic fan such as myself.  hopefully its really going to be free to play. Heroes and Villains, more of a hero person myself.
too bad Marvel universe online had to cancel. It would have been good competition. but due to legal problems, well one thing led to another. however DC online is good to go and I cant wait for it to appear

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X-Men Necrosha

Things are getting dark for the mutant kind as necrosha ends and as Second Coming finishes up. Good mutants are dying and their ranks  are thinning out out. Mutants that I have known and loved are no longer existing. Not only are mutant kids not being born anymore; their only base of mutant utopia are now being bombarded by waves of enemies. Its a beautiful story mind you, but hard to watch - I can almost see x-men being permanently disbanded if this keeps up.
Now x-force, with dwindled number, go to the future with little hope of ever returning. Four x-men stand guard against the multitude of sentinels that approach them. cannonball and a few others are now in limbo trying to get magik out; not to mention that their are being attacked by numerous unkown beasts. Lets not forget what necrosha has done to the team. Many mutants are heavily injured / died in both necrosha and second coming.   sid


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Change is in the air

One of the things that has always bothered me in the world of comics is Disney's purchase of Marvel.  Ive seen their interviews and all that and they keep
promising that Marvel will always been the same marvel that we have all come to love but some part of me always keeps thinking that these comments are
very hard to believe. What about the allegiance of certain gaming companies such as activision and vicarious visions ? I think things are just going to be just 
complicated from here on end
One of the things that just pops in is the Kingdom hearts game that we all play and instead of FF characters it will be  a crossover of disney characters and Marvel. imagine that Mickey mouse and Goofy fighting alongside Wolverine. Thats just wrong in many levels. I just hope they dont downplay the storylines and action to be a lot more appealing to their "young" customers. 
I hope its just me being paranoid. I sense change is in the air

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The Blackest Night

Im not much of a DC man but I do love to read the occasional DC comics. One time some of my comic reasearch; in which I do to keep myself updated 
to the current comic events, I came across a storyarc that really caught my eye. No offense to DC but it has been awhile since Ive seen a DC comic storyarc 
that really caught my attention. 
The blackest night comic is really something, I thought it would be some type of joke story similar to the marvel zombies thing but this really has grown into
something potentially interesting. One of the things that really made this interesting is that it involves everyone and thank god it's not some crisis storyline 
again. Its good to see old people like Hawk and Dove, Psycho-Pirate, and many others to come out of the wood works and reappear for one last time. Its good
to know that such iconic characters are back and have not been forgotten about (event though they are kinda zombie-like). At least people of the newer generation get to see them.  Its kinda straightforward though, zombie meta-humans come up and everyone else rises up to stop the invasion. Maybe some of them are going to be reborn or something, to reuse some old character already dead. I'm excited to see what becomes of it.

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The Villains Will Live On

The Dark Knight is a movie to behold. It was so amazing that I watched it two to three times. For the first time however, the star of the movie is not the hero but rather the villains and I do mean both Joker and Two-Face. As a comic book fan, It was amazing to see how these characters are supposed to be represented into real life. Jack did a great job before, I dont mean to be rude, but this movie was just way past amazing. After I watced for the first time, I was just a loss for words. I still cant get Jokers laugh out of my mind. Finally a movie that represents Jokers real attitude, A true murdering psycopath who wants to see the world burn rather than just some joker who kills for a laugh. Another thing that i like about that movie was Two-Face's costume as well as presence. When Harvey appeared as two face you can feel his aura and presence especially with the uit on. You could see and feel his character and yet be so intimidated just by watching him stand there and flip his coin.

Im kinda glad that this franchise wont continue on. For me it is always nice to go with a bang. It would be nice though to have a sequel but after this movie I feel that I wouldnt want a sequel to come out and not keep up with what this movie has to offer.


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The Return

It has been a long time since I have been gone from this wonderful site. I just hope that there is still some work for me to do here. I have travelled all over the internet trying to find this site ever since I got a new laptop. I ended up combing over a lot of sites that are also information sites based on comic books but I have got to say that nothing matches up to this one.

I handle mostly superheroes, villains or teams that are not on the spotlight of most comic book fans. People all know the story of spiderman and venom but how about the others. If you notice my contributions so far I handle individuals such as circus of crime and such groups since there are not always known by new marvel enthusiasts.

Its glad to be back and black

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