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In my real life, My real name is Chris Jason Barredo and I come from the Philippines. I am of the age of 20 and currently studying as an undergraduate.

I am a huge fan of reading comics of different variety from Marvel comics to Japanese Manga Comics. Me and group sometimes would create our own characters, teams and original storylines when we were younger. Nowadays were to busy with our agendas.

I dont have a lot of comics due to the prices that they have in my country so I recently just try to download comic scans which are cool despite not being the original thing. This doesn't mean that I dont have some original comics.

Some of my other vices and hobbies are collecting Gundam Models, watching Anime and Wrestling.

I really like this site and I hope to contribute a lot of information

I am currently downloading torrents of comic series and it has been really amazing. I have series ranging from House of M up to the Secret Wars.