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Cough cough lol

IMO who think have made very good ones and are quite often with it are:

@WillPayton: @XiiX: @Highaccuser: @serrure: @reaverlations: Nimmindtricks: @oreoassasin: etc.

I agree with most of these and as modern would go would add @lukehero

Would add @k4tzm4n for some of the best god damn battles ever posed on this or any other forum. Some others from back in the day would include @jake_fury ; @nelomaxwell (uses more independent characters); and @strafe_prower and @morpheus_ (added in edit after my ginormous oversight was pointed out by @dane

Tournaments @dedmanwalkin; @retnex; @ghostrider2 (or it might have been 1); @raineffect; @diredrill

Scenarios @dane (god); @lunacyde; @erik ; @dedmanwalkin again.

Thanks for the kind words old friend. I could say the same of you.

Not really, most of the battles I post get very little response. It's my love of Golden Age, magic, demonic and obscure characters that people either don't know or have very little interest in.

Thanks guys I try to put in characters people don't know about. I could go full indie but then no one would be able to debate me.

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@nelomaxwell: I had this idea and no one replied to it.

There 4 Hand warriors and Bone (Catwoman bad guy) has a Muramasa Blade

The Tiger ( two hand gun, butcher knife, grappling hook), Batwing, and Black Pathner

Arena: X- Mansion Garden, around Dusk

Morals OFF

Bloodlust ON

Win by any means

Standard gear

( Made a Thread too)

Link me.

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Every time I see one of these... "Why do men" Threads. lol

You guys never seem to keep us women, who like other women in mind.

Why do people like fat a**es?

Because we do. They are sexy.

I think they assume you'll chime in anyway.

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Watch these you won't be disappointed,.

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Equal rights, Equal fights a mans game demands a man's price.

@gjgp27 said:

1st Wave feminism was necessary for its allowance of women to gain suffrage and even political and vocational opportunities as men. 2nd Wave feminism was corrupted by the sexual revolution, breeding a generation of women who began to see crass, classless sexual behavior that some men engage in as "liberation" in the name of equality. If you were that great of a woman, you would lead men on a better path and no longer accept them after they engage in sexual daliances with loose women, forcing those men to be chaste until marriage and the women to be keep their legs closed. Also, compare the classless shock value of the bra burning feminists to the respectability of black civil rights activists. The two don't even compare, do they?

Once you get to modern, 3rd wave feminism, the proverbial iceberg has been hit and downed the ship. The bra burning as turned into wearing pants with fake menstruation blood, dressing up as vaginas, and using other natural feminine characteristics in a classless, shock value way. And they're dumb enough to think that there's some educational/intellectual virtue in this nastiness!!!!

Also, note how modern feminists claim equality yet want to still be victims when it comes to violence? "But he's bigger!" If you were smart enough to figure that out, why did you mess with his big @$$? If a little dude starts talking crap to and messing with a big guy and gets stomped in the street, you don't call that overkill, you call it an @$$ whooping! Also, if I saw a bear, mess with it, and it mauls me, my dying words won't be blaming the big @$$ bear! I shouldn't have messed with him!

Also note how the lazy hussies, who love premarital sex btw, complain about domestic violence against grown @$$ women, but will actually USE THE BIBLE to excuse people who leave welts on their child's legs when they spank them! See how feminism promotes laziness? I don't give a damn about the textbook definition, I care about their actions and/or INACTIONS.

That's the problem people wanna judge by words not deeds. Which is bullsh!t

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Equal rights, Equal fights a mans game demands a man's price.

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@nelomaxwell: Well, I definitely agree that a majority of the time the dying of the hair to blonde is done due to the idealization of white, blonde women beauty wise, but I was just arguing that if a black chick is doing it just because she likes the look in general, then I'm cool with it.

I get that what I'm saying is ask yourself why they like the look as oppose to their own hair?

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@logy5000 said:

*face palm*

I'll never understand bait threads.

@chillxpill said:

Please stop ruining America. Thank you :).

Please produce better basketball players. Thank you :).

Please make more ethnic superheroes. We know you want to make money, but still. Thank you :).

And just imagine if this was said towards African-Americans. People would snipe you in the name of anti-racism.

It's not a bait thread if you read the OP it was a question about people's thoughts on the movie "Dear White People". Unless you didn't read the OP then you're just making statements with no basis.

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Every time I get in here CV seems worse. Nah.