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Posted by Decoy Elite

Looks pretty sweet. This gonna be a web series or something?

Posted by Nelomaxwell

I think so.

Edited by Decoy Elite

I'll check it out then, the animation  looks great and I like the feel of the trailer.

Posted by lykopis

That is freaking awesome.

Posted by ImmortalT1000

Looks cool. I watched the trailer twice. lol

it looks like its gonna be awesome.

Posted by Frenemy

Dang, I think I like it already lol.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
@lykopis said:

That is freaking awesome.

Posted by Decoy Elite

How did this thread not get more traffic? Look at that animation!

Posted by Nelomaxwell


Posted by BumpyBoo

Oooh, looks very interesting...? :)