Strickly For my N.!.G.G.A.Z

Time for my bi monthly Shout outs. Shout out to my Cousin Cozy Stay up homey. Shout out to my Ninja Revamp. Where you been. Shout out to my Homey Uto, We be workin. Shout out to my Home Girl Fusicha, cause well she know. LOL Shout out to that N!gga King Saturn, for makin it live up. Shout out to _Slim_, What's good homey? Shout out to Ms. Lambourghini AKA Mercy Stay stunnin ma ma. I think that's it. Maxwell over and out.


Mass Effects of Life, work, art and the end of coexistence

I have been gone from here for a while and to my family and friends on the vine (The Crew knows who they are) I'm sorry. My life as of late has been strange. I am no longer attached to what is usually called a relationship. I'm freelance I suppose. Which wouldn't be so bad If I didn't live with the person I'm no longer attached to and didn't have to listen to her laugh at someone else's jokes while I try to get to sleep (I do work in the morning). It seems that I am however not alone in this issue. I am now gainfully employed however by a company that pays me too little and whose management is not only unpleasant but unprofessional. It is also quite stressful and cutting into my time with my artistic endeavors. But that is the purpose of work, it is the necessity of security and the enemy of freedom which is the scion of art. On to the topic of art, I have been in recent weeks conversing with a friend about Art, it's application, purpose and what the artist tries to accomplish. Currently I am attempting to stop committing what I call the "Artists sin" Which is a two fold issue that plagues me currently. The first part of the sin is to waste your talent by not actively using it for some reality altering purpose whether it be personal or en mass.  The second part of that is letting anything that isn't sustaining get in the way of your art whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, Art is for all intents and purpose a divine gift as well a celestial medium. As artists we don't know the inherent roles we play in the world and sometimes in the universe at large one cannot define a culture without its art and thus you can tell the sickness or health of a culture that values entertainment over art and a mouse like stability over freedom, when the very life we live is only consistent in changing rapidly and with out our say so. Life does happen while your making plans. 
I think I'll close off with this. A pound  for a Prynce, a  kiss for a Nightingale, A hand shake for a man who is all together Unreal and a kind word for a man who is both himself Revamped and its antithesis.
Maybe now I'll see you Never.


Parting the river and other stories

"When did you realize that love was not enough?" I asked. "I don't know." She replied "But I'd hoped it was enough." People never seem to end off on good terms, even if its mutual, there is still that sadness that follows. Better still when said person is your roomate. This piece in's particularly literary for that is not what it calls for. This is only 10% narrative the rest is getting this off my chest. "This was a learning experience, You've helped me grow." She said through digitized letters. "You've taught me paitients." I replied in kind. "I think we'd make good roomates." rushed in, the speech was not to fill the void but to establish a rapport of a more hopeful parting. The good times we have, I wish we could only remember this fondly and not suffer the pangs of seperation that now plauge us, or at least me. I still love you and you still love me, while that is good, it makes it hurt. This will be like nostalgia (The pain from an old wound.) Going home today wil be hard and not thinking of touching you inside and out. But we shall persevere for we know what we must do and what we have taken from this and I would not change it for the world. -From the Desk of Nelo Maxwell.


"Do we all end up with a perosnality disorder?"

I'm writing this blog because I've seen a ridiculous amount of unhappy, angry or extremely depressed people on this site and I can't for the life of me think of why? Sure life can suck. That's the nature of life to be lived and suck, but on here those rules need not apply. I see CV personally as a place where people who are downtrodden, unpopular or unhappy can thrive and flourish. We're all strange the trick here is to stay strange but not be a stranger. I see people with threads about why they're this or that they're dealing with depression or what have you. I don't get it really but I'm just gonna say If anyone needs to talk. Holla at me.


Shout outs

Shout out to my cousin  Cozy Da Prynce. Stay up homey, you'll get  a better gig
Shout Out to my Homey Revamp, Keep lacein da tracks 
Shout Out to my Homey Theo38. Keep tellin Jokes
Shout out to Static. Keep Answering Questions  
Shout out to HolySerpent. For asking for a shout out.
Oh shout out to all the ladies on comic vine stay beautiful.
That's it I'm out 1


Frame, Canvas.

Stop stepping on my soul, I’ve only got a little bit of it left…There are only so many steps you can take toward a nervous breakdown and not have one….If it were the truth, then I would have said so… but sweet heart, my love…you are not mine…so I can’t have you…That’s what she told me…And when I wake up I’ll be somewhere in the middle of New York and California half way to you and halfway between dreams. If the night ever disturbed, then let it go unnoticed…I am only ever happy when I am not awake…for even in bad dreams I am somewhere else…Stones throws are not what we should seek, for what we should seek are broken things…things that have fallen through the cracks for they are worth finding… I cannot help but hope that the next time I wake…I will be met with oblivion…With true and unfettered nothingness…waking is pointless when all the creations of the soul can also dwell in dreams.

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Of glittering jewels and Flights of Fancy

I am the son of oblivion, i watch as they pass from hand to and down the open pathway. Outside move and don't look back, I have known peace but for a brief moment and i open gates to worlds on a whim. I am both the world wind and the leaves. I enter the cave to find the riches, like 120 glittering jewels. I dance and fraternize with those who have come long before me to get a glimpse of what they know. You ask me who am I to do all of this and reply , it is not important of who i am, the better question is do you know who you are...remember to feel in this world and not of it.

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I am simply a boy.

I am simply a boy, nothing more than that. If ever I thought I was something more, I’ve been sadly mistaken. I have never grown up not amidst living or on my own or working. I have as of late been slave to my desires, not for their own sake but to keep at bay the nervous rattling that mocks my every thought. My dreams as of late have been bad and my level of love has been lacking, I am not so much even a dreamer, but a person who wishes he were some where else and masks his desires in the notion of dreaming. I have a abandonment on my hands and have decided on the wrong things. I wish there was no weekend for the weekday is all I need. I feel like I don’t need to figure myself out but to free myself, I need to be somewhere else and maybe someone else, I need nothing of the life I know now. I need to wake up and be somewhere else. Wholly another reality perhaps where things are different, less obligatory, I don’t want to be relied upon for I am not reliable. I am not. Simply put I do the things that come easiest to me, or naturally to me. I would be perfectly fine in nothing I woke up to was familiar to me and even my dwelling was ever so changed. If only worlds worked like that. Where someone could think about where they would wake up tomorrow…or not think and would be in a wholly new place.


Why are so many comic fans jerks?

I think a few people have posted this, but I doubt its a dead issue or ever will be.  So I'm on Comic Vine and I'm posting in a thread...Shout out to Scifi_Rulez  (I see you homey) ... It's about who the best rapper of all time is and while people are casting their votes one dude comes in and makes a remark about the genre as a whole. And then when asked does he even listen to it , he says "I don't listen to Rap I listen to real music" Then why are you here?
I don't know if it's just me or have other people ever run into this. I notice that female readers might get crap on boards for being in a male dominated medium (Probably for not giving the dudes on there the time of day) or people of color will have to defend characters of color in the face of racist rants in  white dominated medium.  I'm not sure where this comes from with folks who are fans of comics but it's stupid... you yourself are a minority based on what you like (Possibly not in other ways though.) But How are you gonna down or just plain try to insult people who don't fit your homogenous view of what comics or its fans should be, but guess what? Sh!t ain't gonna change. I just had to get that off my chest. Holla



This has bugged me for a while, If Mister Terrfic is the 3rd smartest man, when did DC announce 1 and 2?