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Weird is the New Cool! 0

Writer Grant Morrison (Action Comics and Batman Incorporated) delivers a wonderful and somewhat odd story. This story, though at some point strange, is told in such an amazing way. The story talks about the classic super-team, Doom Patrol who tries to help a world who rejects for their freakish characteristics. This was truly an amazing story to read and worth my time. Again, Brian Bolland makes another superbly illustrated cover. You can tell from the cover the madness the team feels while prot...

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It's Seriously Not Easy Being Green! 0

It really isn't, just as Swamp Thing about it. From a classic fictional monster to more of a plant elemental,The Saga of the Swamp Thing was one of the most memorable tales ever known. Written by critically acclaimed writer, Alan Moore (V for Vendetta and Watchmen), this horrific look at Swamp Thing's adventures are interesting to read. Swamp Thing's stories are enjoyable and amazing, though it contains some mature themes such as blood, violence and others which are unsuitable for children. But ...

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Call of the Wild! 0

What is so revolutionary about this is that it talks about vegetarianism and animal rights, which in my opinion, is a good subject. Grant Morrison obviously did an impressive job in writing these incredible tales. Not only did the writer did a good job, but also Brian Bolland. You can see from the cover the great style in making this. The artwork for the pages are colorful and fun to read. As one of the monumental stories ever told, this TPB is a must read.Final Score:5 stars!!!Great job Grant a...

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Strange New World! 0

Simply, the story was truly amazing. The arc was complex, unimaginably surprising and well-written. I believe this is the first time that I saw DC, Vertigo and Wildstorm characters who seem to play an important role at the same time. It also has some pretty good artwork as well. I may only have a few comics, but I know that from what I have read is remarkable. Though features some scenes with gore and such, it still remains, as one of the greatest stories ever written.Final Score:I give this 4.5...

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