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Action Packed Improvement 0

For this review I will assume you have read the issue.This issue picks up right where the previous left off with Sinestro pursuing Power Ring in the sewers and a standoff between the Secret Society, Luthor's Injustice League and Batman & Catwoman. This allowed for some nice face-time between Lex and Batman though it fell a little flat and predictable. There are some inconsistencies with Shadow Thief's appearance here against this weeks Red Lantern's #28, as Black Manta takes her down and s...

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The Fall of Camp Angel 0

The Fall of Camp Angel continues and comes to a grim head in issue #10 of Ultimate Comics X-men. As a fresh take on the X-Men universe I felt this comic was a great addition to the run.Good:As there is so much still unexplored in the Ultimate mutant universe I loved seeing all these new faces in the fight against the camp. One can only hope there will be at least some development for some of the mutants who were spotlighted in a panel or two. I was getting a little tired of the initial William S...

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So It Begins 0

So the moment is finally upon us and in my opinion it has delivered. A lot of times the first issue of a major event has already been largely revealed thanks to previews however I felt this issue still had plenty of surprises to offer.Good:Scarlet Witch's StoryWell for starters I'm always happy to see M.O.D.O.K get some page time especially in his new Superior form. His new minions, whatever they were, were just awesome. The appearance of the Scarlet Witch to stop him felt natural enough. I did ...

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Badass fo Sho 0

Story  Good:Classic Deadpool, perfect amount of inner craziness, starting to get Deadpool back to his ol' Merc ways, sick arm trick, I am   &%$# !!  All great.  Seriously not many complaints for a one-shot, as pointed out.  Other great moments; Macho gettin the drop on Deadpool, Deadpools remark about being human and alien pineapple grenades.Bad:  Not much to complain about here.  This Macho Gomez not the greatest but does the job for the issue I guess.  Add him along with Hit-Monkey ...

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Best of the Worst 0

And here goes for the first review...  Story: This whole vampire run has grown pretty tiresome.  It worked in Curse of the Mutants but it felt so forced here.  I would like if they worked in that Giant Man to be the new Goliath but knowing Millar he'd just kill him soon after.  I don't mind that they just had Cap's formula work it out in the end or the way he finally ended it, but it wasn't enough for a 6 issue run.  All that business with Blade, Stick, new Daredevil....useless.  The first run o...

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