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Probably stating the obvious but that's everyone who died in Ultimatum around the girl.  I particularly like that they have Blobs head still severed.  Still no guess on who she could be

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LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow? More Wow
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I'm actually becoming a bit of a Mystique fan.  I loved her story with Wolverine in his last main run, where they end up fighting nude in the desert. 

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I don't think Norman really needs one, Noh-Varr deserves one simply for his absence in a lot of this w/the exception of a recent pop up in I believe another The List book, and Sentry should have one simply because Marvel owes us a ton of answers on his goldie-locked sun explodin ass.  I would like to see one for Venom, I know he's got the Sinister Spiderman going, but I am not a big fan to be honest.  I like the art but not for a whole comic, and the story just ain't grabbin me.  They should give him one where he runs into Anti-Venom to introduce him a little more, though I didn't read either issue of the new Anti-Venom thing so not sure if thats any good.  What do y'all think, agree? disagree? Any other ideas for The List characters? 
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@Nobody said:
"@King Saturn said:

" Man Thing got Jacked Up for real... "

Probably for his involvment in Dark Reign - The List: Punisher

Indeed he did, rest of the story kinda weak, though I can be patient if rewarded.  Not in the comic world long enough to have an idea of who's behind these shenanigans (anyone wanna jump in and fill me in, appreciated)  Secondly not likin the Sentry blowin up again.  I am a fan of the Sentry, and I know he catches a lot of crap and I fear I may be losin interest.  His followup is terrible.  For one, they never explain the blowin up, any time it has happened.  Secondly, what happened with the Void?  I know part of it is still in Emma which is only really noticeable by her always bein diamond. Never see Dark Avengers or X-Men talking about it.  Then there's his last scene in Dark Avengers 9???  Anything??  I am understanding why people don't dig 'im.  I miss the powerhouse from World War Hulk.  The awesome inner dialogue/fear of godliness, some of his chats with Osborn are pretty sweet.  Dunno bout you all but I love scenes with intense dialogue (as I'm sure others do) but particularly I find I enjoy "on the couch sessions".  Like Penance workin it out with Doc Samson, Deadpool w/his 3-selves on the pirate boat w/the shark? Great stuff. Anything Deadpool for me, but that's another topic.  Sorry if this is a little wordy for a forum post but none of my friends are into comics and I have hit the point beyond containment.  Lemme know what you think, agree? disagree, as always I may not agree with what you say I will defend, to death, your right to say it
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@ComicCrazy said:
"wow looks really good the only thing that i can see that i have a problem with so far is his wierd curly hair but yeah everything else looks good. "

Well I coulda swore I saw some kinda preview wih a bald dude playin the part so I'm happy.  I am sad however, I coulda swore I checked Wiki the other day for a release date and for the life of me I thought it said 1/26/10.  Either way the time will pass.  Does anyone know if the comic will continue after the next issue?
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Is she the first? or is it Apocalypse? Either way this was great, this whole run overall aaaaaaaaall the way from Angels & Demons to now. I read a bunch of different truns now but this run of X-Force was the first one I picked up and followed continuosly.  I'm still pretty green in the comic world.  Sorry if I'm rambling but Archangel is the seriously the s#%$, character/power/artwork wise. His full screens are beautiful, his inner struggle with the horseman and the way it manifests (i,e, when Wolverine had to stab him through the shoulder to snap him out of it), and who the hell wouldn't want transmutating wings that rain steak knives and transform back to pretty wings.  Oh yeah healing blood too right?
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@Fresh Prince said:

Read that too, pretty good set up, seems a little late but i guess it'll be for the last hoorah...liked when Norman was breakin it down this in one hand that in another
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Yea, so I just read all available Kick-Ass and I cannot wait until January for the F&^$in movie
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@Ikkybooger said:
"You said liked the cover because it was simple yet powerful, but made no mention of the fact that it's a spoof of the Scareface movie poster. Maybe it was so obvious it needed no mention, maybe I'm a dumb-ass for pointing it out, but I though maybe you might've missed that. "

Except for the first one they've all been remakes of classics.  Jaws, Dawn of the Dead and Scarface.