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Yea this was a little rough for a final issue. I've been a huge fan of the series from the beginning and this all felt a bit rushed. If this was just another issue in a continuing series it would be better but it wasn't the big finish I thought we were going to get.

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@sawcesome: Totally think that was a nod to Hurt and "the hole in things"

I don't know if it's just me but it seems like Snyder often uses little bits and pieces of memorable Batman lines from movies and other comics.

As far as the Red Hood leader's comment about Bruce's parents, he does say he was with his own foster parents at the time so I think they may be close in age. I was a little apprehensive about the Joker being the Red Hood but it makes sense so far and I doubt they will make it so clear cut and dry, I mean it is the Joker, I don't see him getting any kind of clear definitive origin.

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So glad to see all the Killer Croc love out here, shame it wasn't reviewed. I thought it was a pretty good issue (3.5-4).

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That is so weird I just thought about this the other day and if it would be re-visited. In an old issue of his Uncanny X-Force run, I believe Dark Angel is walking through a hall of statues which contained the likes of En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse), the Skinless Man and Dr. Mindbubble. Rick mentioned it in an interview but it was so long ago I didn't think we'd ever see it.

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@wwajfan said:

this issue was very awesome, great review bro, and man it still SUCKS that this series is getting cancelled!!! so unfair : ( 2 more issues for till the end.

Concerning this series the only arc which I found average were MoE and Ufoes. But the rest of the Series was Just Plain EPIC, I loved Project Rebirth(1-5), SPidey island (6-9) Road Trip (10-12) Circle of 4 (13-14), Savage Six (15-22), Minimum (26-27.1), Toxic (31-35) and Mania (36-42)

Totally agree, loved this series from the beginning. When Bunn took over it was a little rough at first but things picked up and I'm so disappointed this series is ending. Not to bash other books but I don't get how this get's cancelled while there are so many X&Spider-Books out there (lookin at you Legacy/Various Superior Spin Offs...)

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Unfortunately I have neglected this series a little bit but did jump on once I saw Killer Croc getting some spotlight, very disappointing,.

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Great issue, great review...I got a grasp on everything except whatever that machine Black Bolt's brother built and how it ties into everything

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That Godzilla vs Zilla fight in Godzilla #2 was pretty awesome. You guys should start taking a look at that comic for some pretty good fights.

Thought the same thing myself, pretty brutal...didn't think Zilla was going to make it

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That Man-Bat is out of control

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Lex as the second villain to show Superman that despite him wanting to protect humans there are some who would like to destroy him. Then we can do Brainiac for a 3rd film to remind everyone of the alien threat.