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@theacidskull: are right though. I was never clear on how the transformation is supposed to work as well as him retaining any intelligence, maybe some of that will be addressed in the new run. I know they kind of tried to explain his differences in personality in the new series by blaming the fluctuating time stream.

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@theacidskull: I know in the beginning it was a little rough as Steve Dillon was the artist but the story itself was interesting (I liked the idea of Hulk waking up and not knowing where Evil Banner has left him or why and how Hulk had to stay angry)

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Not sure about this just yet. I really started enjoying Hulk stories around the time Rulk came around, I believe there were 2 ongoings at the time (Incredible Hulk and Hulk) which were both enjoyable. I feel like after all the "Fall of the Hulk" stuff and related, Hulk's place in the greater Marvel U was kind of up in the air as well as whether he was intelligent or not. I really enjoyed The Incredible Hulk that Jason Aaron wrote where Bruce was kind of evil in the beginning and was leading Hulk along some mystery plan. I'm excited about the talent attached to this new book but really hope the address some of the Hulk issues.

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@mahzian: haha nice, that's what I was thinking

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Flying with an ant under each foot looks really awkward/painful...just sayin

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I'll block it out in case anyone still hasn't read issue #20, but I think they may be going with the angle that Laura had to heal so badly after Avengers Arena that she may not have her memories right, if that's the case I will be very disappointed. It might be premature to make that assumption but I could also see it being the reason she hooks up with young Cyke on the cover of one of the upcoming issues.

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Did anyone notice on the poster featuring Electro, the TV screen that shows someones face getting all Goblin-y? If there's still a question as to whether it will be Norman or Harry Osborn, that picture sure looks a lot like the actor playing Harry.

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I'm staying optimistic for this. Not really too thrilled with the current X-Force books that are out right now. I do enjoy Cable & X-Force but not as much as Remender's Uncanny X-Force. The current Uncanny X-Force is kind of rough to get through.

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Good lord, so much Haterade out there it's ridiculous. I am shocked to see some overwhelmingly negative responses over this BRIEF TRAILER. Do fans really expect a 100 % page to screen adaptation of these stories involving gigantic robots, bright non-practical costumes and out of this world powers. I mean come on I have certain expectations when it comes to these movies but you gotta let go of some of those fanboyish expectations or nothing will ever be good enough.

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Hmm, I don't mind the new design but I'm really not the biggest fan of Terry Dodson, no disrespect just not my style. I'd like to see a different artist draw the new look.