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@saren said:

I feel like the only good part of this event is the Carnage tie-in.


This event has been killing me, barely hanging on just to see what happens with Evan/Apocalypse, which apparently, Remender says, this has always been the path for him.

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This was such a let down on so many levels. Tony's speech was so bad, it seemed like he was just speaking matter of factly. Another issue for me was the bit with Reed Richards and Sue, this may seem like a minor gripe but one of the things that really bothers me about Reed is how the facial scarring has been so inconsistent. Unless I'm missing something, Reed should be a lot more gruesome than how he was portrayed. Also I felt like Kitty was written extremely out of character. I understand that despite all the things she has been through she is still technically a "teen" and could be allowed a moment of youthful vocabulary, but I find it hard to believe that the young woman fighting so hard to keep Utopia just months ago would address a phone call like the one she receives with "Ssssup?" Sorry for not gettin further in depth, at work but just had to vent about this issue.

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I'm excited about the Ultimate Ghost Rider turning into the Ultimate Machine Man other than that I'm a little disappointed there's no new Ultimate X-Men book, that was my big intro to comics back in the day.

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Very disappointed to see so many writing this series off with the first issue. I was planning to write a review on this one but all this hate needs to be addressed. GIVE IT A CHANCE PEOPLE!! Does anyone really believe that just because Marrow's new powers weren't explained in the first issue we'll never find out the how/why? I'll admit that the character voices are still trying to find their footing, some more than others but again, I kind of felt the same way after reading Remender's first issue of Uncanny. I am not well read on Marrow's history so I can't tell how/if she is out of character, but I kind of like what they are doing with her (female Deadpool). I am confident that Spurrier will make this all work, I will admit however that I am very worried about his characterization for Fantomex. As far as the art goes, I'm very surprised to see this much hate, it is very stylized but I enjoy it. Looking for some intelligent conversation on the matter...

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LOL everyone can talk all the smack they want, like everyones not going to run see this visual awesomeness.

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Wow that Toad looks rough, I hope that's not the final product though I'm worried it is. At first I was defending Quicksilver's silver hair from an earlier pic, but seeing it along with the rest of the outfit also looks like a rough sell.

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Ugh, that was rough. Not a fan of sacrificing the violence for the language, it was pretty uncalled for in most cases. I don't mind cursing, believe me but a lot of it seemed a bit too much.

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Every now and then I complain that DC are always making Batman movies, but then I remember, it's cos they're just so good! Can't wait for this

LOL nice.

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Thoroughly enjoying the run, can't imagine one with out the other at this point. Check out their episode on Fatman on Batman with Kevin Smith, total opposites of the personality spectrum, Capullo being somewhat of a comic rock star and Snyder in his seemingly reserved ways. Great news.

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WHAATT?? Gustavo Fring to play Ra's al Guhl?!