Ultimate Snoop Dogg

This past week brought Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, which gave us a better look at Miles Morales' origins. The biggest revelation to me is that his uncle, though Puerto Rican seems to be modeled after Snoop Dogg... and I love it. On a serious note the issue was great a I'm excited to see how this all continues to unfold.

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"next week i'll teach you how to make a joint and keep your b*****s in line. keep your pimp hand strong, bu."

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@KainScion said:

"next week i'll teach you how to make a joint and keep your b*****s in line. keep your pimp hand strong, bu."

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fo shizzle my spizzle nizzle

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I wonder if there's a Snoop Dogg in the 616-universe.


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LOL he does look like Snoop Dog. I also really enjoyed this issue.

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His costume is so elaborate i wonder if he will be a villain Miles has to defeat.

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the guy might be the prowler.

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@Black_Kn1ght: Think you might be right about that one, I didn't know who that was but after lookin him up and the close ups of the purple Deadpooly mask I'm thinking that's it.

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"is that Miles wonders if there's self destruction hard wired into his DNA. Is greed or whatever it is that makes people do something wrong even though they know it's wrong part of his genetics? Is whatever it is that's propelling his Uncle Aaron to be the Ultimate Universe's Prowler in him?" as per Mr. Bendis.

So I guess Uncle Snoop Dogg is Ultimate Prowler...good stuff

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That was the very first thing i thought when I read it lol

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Nah looks more like Ice-T to me.

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Know who he looks like to me? a slender light skinned midle aged black man. he only looks like snoop dogg if snoop doggs one of the four black people youve ever seen.

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@nonfiction91: wow lol we wanna go there with it? Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks they look similar and I go to community college in Brooklyn and work in the lovely area known as Elizabeth, NJ...now if you know anything about either you'd know there is a high number of black and hispanics in both places. Furthermore, I showed the picture to "one of the four black people i've ever seen" and wouldn't you know...they agreed. Go start a race war somewhere else...

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Yea, absolutely no similarity, just me being my usual racist self.

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Ultimate Prowler is Snoop Dogg? I'm okay with this.

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Yeah, no point in trying to make this a flame thread. The guy looks just like Snoop Dogg. Like. Just like him.

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So when they go to California is there an Ultimate Katy Perry ;O

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I'll end my rant here, I'm a lover not a fighter...thanks all!

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