Daken, Dearly Departed

It would seem with the conclusion of Daken's ongoing that he has now passed on. Not sure bout y'all but I for one am rather upset and on many levels. First off how the series was ended was an absolute rushed disgrace. There was no explanation/resolution as to how Wolverine and Reed Richards recovered from the Heat Daken injected them with, which I thought was how he planned to take the cure. Whether or not they left this open ended for a possible return we don't know but for now it seems he's dead.

I'm also kind of disappointed as to how it seems Marvel just didn't know what to do with him. Are we to believe the best we can do with a majority of the dark twisted son of Wolverine's own series is have him run around all crazed out on drugs? Of course Daken had his run in with X-23 throughout his series but we all knew that story was only a matter of time. I guess we'll never see Daken settle up with Winter Soldier or meet Sabretooth. Seems like a shame to me. What do you think? Better off without him? Think he'll come back?


Hopes for Avengers vs. X-Men

So with the big event right around the corner, I'm wondering who aside from the top tier characters are going to get some spotlight. Although I'd love to see them appear I don't necessarily think these things will happen but I think it would be interesting if;

  • Flash/Venom joins into the fight and the symbiote recognizes Colossus from their Dark Avengers/Dark X-Men battle.
  • If Venom will run into X-23 at all after their team up in Circle of Four
  • Some sort of involvement from Genesis with the Phoenix Force. I feel like his potential for destruction kind of likens him to Hope.
  • It was confirmed that both Red & Green Hulks will have a shot at Colossus. I'm curious to see what made the newly separated Green Hulk choose this path.
  • Dying to see if Uncanny X-Force will wind up having a role in this .
  • Obviously worried about the fate of the Generation Hope kids, big fan of Kenji

Let me know what you're looking forward to or what you would have them do.


A Remaining Fly in the Ointment...

So in Wolverine and The X-Men #4, we see a possible future for Genesis where he embraces his inner Apocalypse. My question here is, if that is the path he takes, is this the same Apocalypse who sent the wave of Deathlok Troopers to kill Fantomex? It would make sense, Genesis might be after him for not telling him about his true origin. I know Remender has plans on expanding the Father character from the Deathlok Nation story arc which may lead to more answers but it just came to mind the other day. Any thoughts?


Sabretooth...to be or not to be...brought back

I'm not sure if there's anything confirming or denying whether Sabretooth will ever come back but I for one wish that he would. Clearly Wolverine does not need him around as his main villain as he has been out of the picture for quite some time. That being said I wouldn't mind if he came back with a new direction beyond harassing Wolverine all the time. Maybe have him try and take control of what's left of Romulus' empire,or pick on Daken a bit? Where would you want to see him? Still decapitated and in hell? Back to killing Wolverine's girlfriends on his birthday? Something new?


Skaar on the Dark Avengers

This weeks New Avengers #18 has brought the return of Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. Osborn travels to the Savage Land to recruit Skaar and he agrees. Now I've always been a fan of Skaar and his daddy issues and was kind of bummed when he got bumped to the Savage Land. I don't mind him being on the Dark Avengers either. However I'm not sold that Skaar has never heard of Norman Osborn. I know Hulk and Skaar didn't have a lot of direct involvement in Dark Reign or Siege for that matter but for Skaar to just sign on without knowing Osborn...just don't seem right. Any thoughts?


Ultimate Snoop Dogg

This past week brought Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, which gave us a better look at Miles Morales' origins. The biggest revelation to me is that his uncle, though Puerto Rican seems to be modeled after Snoop Dogg... and I love it. On a serious note the issue was great a I'm excited to see how this all continues to unfold.


Highlights of 9/7/11

 Here begins my first attempt at doing a brief/mass review of the books I bought this week.
Batwing #1 
Definitely a pleasant surprise from the New 52.  I am really digging the art, sort of reminds me of X-Force (prior to Uncanny) and I'm very intrigued with the main character and also sporting a brutal new villain doesn't hurt at all. 
New Avengers Annual #1 
Okay I'll admit it.... I only picked this up because Anti-Venom is part of the Revengers, but it turned out to be fairly decent.  Furthermore..... I'll admit that aside from Wonder Man and Anti-Venom I have no idea who any of the rest of the team are.  Yes I know there was a Goliath but last I saw he was buried in a 60 foot grave paid for by Tony Stark.  Dell'Otto's is also a favorite new artist of mine so another plus!! 
Wolverine #15 
Jason Aaron continues to deliver with this Wolverine series.  It remains one of the last books I read in the pile...saving the best for last.  I loved Logan's attempt at some sort of retribution for his children.Unfortunately I am skeptical of the upcoming arc, I'm sure the story will be done well but Wolverine is too rooted in the Marvel Universe for this to last. 
Swamp Thing #1 
Woo Hoo!!!!!! My first venture into the swamp....thing...ahem.  Scott Snyder handles a great introduction for a character who's origin is murky to say the least....and the panels involving this horrifying and brutal new danger were pretty sweet.  I am done with the DC #1's...if they're all going to be this good let's get right to #2!!! 
Detective Comics #1 
Still pretty stunned by that last page...  Aside from that this runs like a pretty standard Batman story, Joker crazy, Jim Gordon good, Alfred snooty, Batman narrating...I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.
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Miles Morales & David Zavimbe

So I just finished reading Batwing #1 and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Very excited about this series, however it got me thinking... are we getting another Marvel/DC mirror?  We have our first African American Batman at the same time we have a half Hispanic and half African American Spider-Man.  Both are new takes on classic characters  Though I enjoyed Miles Morales' debut in Ultimate Comics I really feel that Marvel is pushing this on us hard.  I can appreciate having some diversity but it feels so slapped together why not make him half homosexual as well? (Not that that would be a problem but I feel like they are stuffing 10 lbs of diversities in a 5 lb melting pot).  I might be jumping the gun with my judgement on Miles Morales as he hasn't even had a full issue yet but I really feel Batwing will be more of his own character.  Also I feel I am biased slightly due to Donald Glover's stink about not being the new Spider-Man and Bendis' acknowledgment of that when writing the character.  Tough crap Donald....we can have race switches for characters like the Kingpin (Michael Clark Duncan) but if Stone Cold Steve Austin made a petition to be Black Panther I'm sure some folks would have a lot to say.  In summation, I feel DC is doing a better job at selling their character whereas Marvel feels like they are cramming a PC quota filler down my throat.


Captain America Movie

So I just got back from the movie and have to say it was very enjoyable.  Very impressed by Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, enjoyed Stanley Tucci's Dr. Erskrine and of course Chris Evans as Cap.  I felt Evans didn't explode off the screen or steal the movie bt did the job of portraying the modest Cap and at no time did I even think about his prior roll as the Human Torch.  The movie is subject to some nonsense as with any, particularly Caps first "mission", but it is pretty brief.  Also enjoyed the fact that Marvel included a few pretty brutal moments for a PG13 film. 
One being the fate of Bucky, the other being the Hydra guard who caught it by the propeller.
I also believe Red Skull may be the best Marvel villain to date rivaled only by Loki and really hope he returns at some point.