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Posted by MTHarman

Nice selection
Posted by Nefarious
@MTHarman: Thanks. It sure takes a lot of time to organize it.
Posted by doomsilver

that is quite different people you got there, over all, nice
Posted by Nefarious
@doomsilver: Indeed, I like to be different.
Posted by StarKiller809

I like almost everyone on there.
Posted by Nefarious
@StarKiller809: Wise choices.
Posted by pcbh168

Awesome list!

Posted by Nefarious
@pcbh168: Thanks, pc. I chose wisely.
Posted by pcbh168
@Nefarious: No problem. :) You certainly do. Its great to see Mystique, Magneto and Wonder Woman in your top ten. I love most of the characters on there. Your list is one my favourites on the Vine!
Posted by Nefarious
@pcbh168: Yep, I love the classic characters. We have a lot in common. Which ones do you not like? :)
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@Nefarious: I love them too. Mystique is my favourite character on your list. I don't dislike any of them, I just don't know some of them, like Hellion and Toxin. :)
Posted by Nefarious
@pcbh168: Ohhhhh, I see.
Posted by Icon

I really like your list. :]

Posted by Nefarious
@Icon: Thanks. =)
Posted by RainEffect

 I dig that Hellion is on your list.

Posted by Nefarious
@RainEffect: Thanks.
Posted by darktiger

cool list dude epic list