RUN! It's the Metalocalypse!


Wait, scratch the last one.

Anyways...MECHS. Anything made of metal, plastic, toilet paper (whatever) that looks, acts and overall exists like a boss is sheer awesome. So, after such a long time in between lists, I present to you a brand new one detailing only the best of the best that a certain ZombieWolf can provide.

And one more thing....if I catch anybody badmouthing Jaegers I'm going to Hulk-out. I'm serious. I've had enough of the Evangelion crap on Youtube. An enslaved female Nephilim is not the same as a *possibly* female (screw it, let's call them girls. Cars are girls anyways, so why not Mechs?) based fully animatronic mobile suit. For further thoughts, read down below on my views on the EVAs.

Plus how can you not love some Gipsy Danger? "She's" too adorable and badass to be badmouthed. :3

Now compare to EVA Unit-001...The resemblance is uncanny isn't it? (sarcasm)

List items

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Wow, a lot of work went into this.


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Lol, and I'm not even done. I still have to write my thoughts for the last of these guys. Plus I want to shamelessly promote more Mechas that have yet to get a comic appearance (mainly Jaegers from Pacific Rim.)

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cool list

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:D Thanks! I hope I don't burn people out with all my writing. DX