A Very Very Dark Avengers Line-Up

Truth be told, I actually liked the original line-up of the Dark Avengers. However, the new line-up can kiss my rotten zombie butt. Only Jeff Parker and his Thunderbolts can make that line-up even remotely good.

So....here's my version of a Dark Avengers line-up. Some will be recurring, others brand new.

Edit: Ixchel can be replaced by another Mayan Goddess. I don't remember her name, but she's a shape-shifting trickster Goddess. Unlike Loki though, she's all good. 8-)

List items

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Great list as always

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This would make a fantastic Marvel NOW book!

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Lol, at least a few of these guys are working with each other in the new Thunderbolts book coming out in December. But I wanted a Code ed relaunch instead. D: