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I swear the writers on this show are bi-polar.  There is absolutely no consistency with characters, motivations or stories.  We go through an episode about Angela's past and at the end we have a happy little moment where everyone decides it's family first.  The very next week Nathan ditches everyone again and Peter goes trailing after him.  So much for family, and thanks for wasting our time with ideas you're just going to toss to the side.

And with Sylar, it seems more like they randomly draw ideas out of a hat at each week's writers meeting.  They had the beginning of this compelling seduction of the innocent story with Sylar and the fire kid, but then Sylar boots him.  We spend weeks watching Sylar hunt for daddy and then it's done.  Now Sylar is working with Danko, an idea that's just dumb, and he's having this great identity crisis...but only for one episode.

Who knows, maybe a shorter season will help the ADD challenged writing staff focus a bit more, or maybe they need to take a page from Smallville and hire a comic book writer or two to come on board and point them in the right direction.  Because as it currently stands, they write super heroes about as well I as I could a sixteen year-old, Victorian era, aristocratic girl getting ready for a ball.

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It sounds like the Joker will just be available for multi-player stuff.  I'm guessing that's what challenge maps are.  Would be much cooler if they opened up multiple skins that you could use like they did with Force Unleashed.

Also, take heart fellow X-box users, from what I understand, Yoda and Vader eventually became downloads for the systems they weren't released on.  By September the Joker will be available for X-box.  Besides, maybe they'll give X-box users Darkseid and we can run around Omega Beaming everyone.

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Nah.  Magneto is one of my favorite villains, but the studio system doesn't have the stones to show us how someone like him turns into a megalomaniac.  All I can picture this being is some rehash of the Star Wars prequels where we find out Vader is only Vader because he got all stalker obsessed with his own wife.  I have no desire to sit through an hour and a half of Magneto as a nice guy but is then forced to make one bad choice and suddenly he's evil.  As far as I'm concerned, if you have it in you to do the things Magneto does, you've never in your life been a 'nice' guy.

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If we have every Lantern involved then the Lanterns win easily.  Even if Team 1 manages to kill a Lantern, Mogo is involved and sends the ring out for a replacement.  Even a rookie GL is serviceable enough to act like front line fodder while the more powerful and experienced Lanterns pick the team slowly apart.

Darkseid would appear to be the biggest threat.  Ultimate Thanos is interesting, but he struck me more as a strength in numbers sort of guy.  Ultraman, surprisingly, might give the Lanterns trouble.  Just in considering how much of a pain Prime was for them.

Now if you threw Starro or Eclipso into the mix and were able to turn GL's against one another I might go with Team 1, but in a straight up fight I go with the Lanterns.

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If it's going to have Tobey in it, they should stick with Dunst for continuity and all.  She was never my favorite choice for the part but she played the first two movies well enough.  Spidey 3 was just a train wreck all the way around.  Maybe Raimi can just call this next one Spider-Man 3A and pretend the other #3 never happened.

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I never finished the first game, it was a rental that I got tired of after a day or so because I was just doing the same thing in each city.  Fantastic concept and for the most part the gameplay was nice.  Just would have been better if the game gave you more freedom and creativity to accomplish the hits.  I'll still give 2 a try and see what improvements have been made, but I won't be anticipating it's release the way I did with the first one.

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For anyone interested, has a review of the transfer here:

According to the reviewer it is gorgeous and well worth the money to replace your old versions of the movie.

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Is the Blu-Ray transfer any good?  Does anyone know?  I know some transfers aren't as clean as others.

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I couldn't stand the first movie, so I doubt I'll go and see the second no matter who is in it.  It was just one of those that I couldn't separate from the original material.