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I get the feeling people expect Superman to be more popular because its Superman. Its like he is expected to be the one on top. I can't argue with people who think he is more popular.

I suppose what i'm generally saying is. If you asked every single member on this site who it there favourite character is out of Superman/Clark Kent or Nightwing/Dick Grayson. Do you think it would still be Superman?

I have nothing against Superman by the way lol.

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As the title says. Who's more popular?

And by popular, I mean by people who actually read and know about comics. Not the genral public, who of course mostly know only superman.

It always seems that Nightwing/Dick Grayson is a well loved character within the comic community. Whether its DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse readers. It always seems that whenever you get a change to Nightwing, fans who don't normally read DC lend their voice to a discussion.

Which got me thinking. Is Nightwing/Dick Grayson the more popular character out of the two in the comic community. Remember this isn't about who is the best well known around the world. It's just simply who is more popular with comic readers?

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@bezza: Thanks for the info. I'd seen on amazon that after the third book, the ratings start to drop. Might just get up to the third book then.

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@fallschirmjager: @master_of_suprise: Cheers. I have the story "coming home". It was my first proper intro to comic book spider-man, apart from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series by Bendis when it first started. Must say i enjoyed it immensely. I didn't get the others as i've seen reviews on the JMS Ultimate Collection volumes 4 and 5 are quite bad.

Would you recommend the the two Amazing Spider-Man omnibus' by Stan Lee/Steve Ditko/John Romita? Also, is the Todd McFarlane omnibus worth it? Heard mixed things about it.

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Hey guys.

Just wondered what trades to get after death of captain america. I've read some conflicting things so thought i'd come here for help.

After Death of Captain America, trade wise it goes:

Man with no face

Road to reborn

Captain America: Reborn

Two America's

No Escape

The Trial of Captain America

Prisoner of War

I've read some people say don't get Road to Reborn, Captain America:Reborn, or Two America's, as they are rubbish. Also, some people just say skip everything after Death of Captain America and just get the Captain America and Bucky trades.

Which trades are worth getting for actual story and progression, and which are just filler?

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Hey guys.

Just wondered if the JMS run is worth getting? I know it started strong but heard it went down hill. Also, is it even in continuity anymore?

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Hey Guys.

Just wondered what your views are on a few trades.

Fall of the mutants.

X-Tinction Agenda.

X-Cutioner's song.

Fatal Attractions.

I'm about to buy Age of Apocalypse, and i know he appeares in a few of these stories. I thought they'd be a good starting point before AoA.

Just wondered if they are any good, or worth getting/essential? They are quite expensive and don't really want to waste my money if i can help it.

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Hey guys.

I just wondered if any of you would recommend the Marvel Omnibus', such as the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko Spider-Man omnibus, Joe Simon/ Jack Kirby Captain America, and maybe Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Avengers?

Curious as to what the quality of stories and book itself are?

I'm asking as i have started a few topics on other characters pages on what trades are recommended to get into say Thor or Cap, which have give me a lot of good recommendations. I just thought the omnibus' would be a good place, as it seems most, if not all of the first stories of any Marvel character stay intact, and are canon to this day.

It also seems from my interpretation on things i have read about Spider-Man stories, that while he has had some good ones (and some bad ones), the Lee/Ditko/Romita era still seems to be best when it comes to Spider-Man.