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The whole Superman caused the Destruction Debate is getting old...or has been old for 2 years. He was inexperienced, Zod was a better fighter,, their man way of fighting (Flight was still new too him), Zod kept the fight into the city. Ok Zod came too earth for clark. In no way his fault. He didn't know they were coming. Wasn't even sure there were more of his kind.

I said the exact same thing to a friend when he said about the whole destruction thing. This is so true. People seem to forget this was Clarks first time at really being Superman, and having to defend earth. The most he had done in his life was save people. He never had to fight people his own kind who were stronger and bred for being warriors. Its like starting Boxing or MMA and then going up against an experienced fighter. Clark did damn well against Zod for his first day on the job.

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@deathpoolthet1000: I'm not playing king of anything. Also, by looking at a few of the posts here, some users feel the same about certain things as I do. There is no moral high ground to be taken here at all.

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Comic fans can be some of the most hateful and pretentious people it seems.

I'm writing this as i just don't understand where all the pessimistic, and picky comments come from when it comes to comics, and their movies/tv shows.

A recent example is Melissa Benoist Supergirl costume reveal. I just came off IGN, where one quote was

"Not Blonde enough

Boobs aren't big enough

Outfit looks like trash

She is ugly

Hope this series bombs hard"

Other comments like, Its terrible, looks like cos-play. This series is going to fail for all the above.

Its a costume for tv show. They don't have the budget like films do. For a tv show, the costume looks amazing. The Arrow costume isn't that much better, but it fits the show. People moaned about The Flash too, when that costume was released, and apparently the whole show was going to fail on the costume. Look at Heath Ledgers Joker. Great performance, but he wasn't 100% accurate to his comic character.

Another one is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Yeah she may look a bit skinny and not overly muscular. Thats because she is a Woman. Its scientific fact that Women don't have the capability to naturally have a body building physique without taking loads of stuff. Do people automatically forget that these are real life human beings playing fictional characters who are over stylised human beings/gods.

Tbh a lot of hate does seem to always be towards DC shows and films. Hate on MOS, Wonder Woman pic, Aquaman pic. Now the new Supergirl pic. As comics fans and supporters of the genre, we all should be supporting these shows, not automatically slatting them because of a costume or how the actor/actress has different coloured hair. These shows and films do more for the comic industry than any major comic event can. They draw in new readers and fans, which we all should appreciate. Its something the whole family can sit down to watch together. Remember these shows aren't catered to comics fans. They are geared towards the general audience, with small subtile nods towards the comic fans. I'm not a fan of Gotham as it seems that by the time Bruce becomes Batman, all his rouges gallery will be old men. But hey if people like it and it brings in new fans, i'm all for it.

I'm all for general discussion on why something does or doesn't work, but so many comic fans feel like they have god authority, and if its not 100% accurate, then its wrong and shouldn't be in existence. If someone prefers Burton Batman over Nolan Batman, then that person is wrong and not a proper Batman fan.

I've said it before and i'll say it again. There will never be a 100% accurate adaption of a comic character or story. Watchmen was pretty close, and even that got hate.

Like everything this is just my opinion.

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@fadetoblackbolt: It's implied by how the characters are holding themselves in JOKER, that Joker did rape that woman. She wasn't a prostitute, she was Jonny Frost's wife. Examine that whole scene again. Joker is taking the "whats yours is mine" road. What ever belongs to Jonny, in this case his wife, also belongs to Joker. Joker is doing up his trousers, Jonny Frost is blank faced while Killer Croc stands over him, and Jonny's wife is in the back seat almost coiled up, obviously distressed.

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I wondered if anyone could tell me if Batman: Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition and Justice League: War are region free please?

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I get the feeling people expect Superman to be more popular because its Superman. Its like he is expected to be the one on top. I can't argue with people who think he is more popular.

I suppose what i'm generally saying is. If you asked every single member on this site who it there favourite character is out of Superman/Clark Kent or Nightwing/Dick Grayson. Do you think it would still be Superman?

I have nothing against Superman by the way lol.

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As the title says. Who's more popular?

And by popular, I mean by people who actually read and know about comics. Not the genral public, who of course mostly know only superman.

It always seems that Nightwing/Dick Grayson is a well loved character within the comic community. Whether its DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse readers. It always seems that whenever you get a change to Nightwing, fans who don't normally read DC lend their voice to a discussion.

Which got me thinking. Is Nightwing/Dick Grayson the more popular character out of the two in the comic community. Remember this isn't about who is the best well known around the world. It's just simply who is more popular with comic readers?

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@bezza: Thanks for the info. I'd seen on amazon that after the third book, the ratings start to drop. Might just get up to the third book then.

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