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Is no one going to mention how lame it is to release new figures only available in two-packs with already released (basically) figures. So now that I have the JL and it is unlikely a JLA set will come out (too many). So not only will I not be buying their solo comics (Katana and Vibe that is) but I won't be buying their figures just to build a JLA set. I really do wish we could somehow give MM back his old look because the new one is horrible. Let's hear it for Tom Mandrake's Martian Manhunter!

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Martian Manhunter needs a movie; maybe then he will get some respect around here! (so long as they don't make him too afraid of fire...)

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This week was the first time I saw the Dr Who/Star Trek crossover so I just had to pick it up (being a fan of both the Dr and TNG). What a great idea! Cybermen and Borg - a match made in heaven! Picard did have several awkward expressions though; I can't tell if I really like the art style or it is a little too (for lack of a better term) touched-by-an-angel...

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I hear great things about Justice League but I won't be reading that one till they bring back Martian Manhunter (the best DC hero ever!)!