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@thedailybagel said:

@nazarethsavage: hulks stronger than thor as well. Thors the overall more powerful (not by a large margin though) but hulk is physically stronger than him.

Hulk also kicks the crap out of Hyperion.

I think the Hulk at one point was supposed to be stronger than Thor but i'd say at most levels they are equals. Thor has some really good strength feats many of which rival those of the Hulk.

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@spitfirepanda said:

1) What style of female character would it take to make sense for her to fight monsters without body armor?

The kinds that are impervious to most types of physical damage like Wonder Woman & Ms.Marvel.

2) I'm no expert on sex appeal aimed at women, but my understanding is that super muscular isn't exactly what they're looking for. From what I've read, characters like these would be more along the lines of eye candy for women (correct me if I'm wrong):

Stereotypically they are.

3) Like I said, I believe you when you say that you don't read comics for the sex appeal. And you're right about spiderman, though I don't know much about his costume apart from what it looks like. But comic book companies are still making comics based around ridiculous sex appeal. Sexualization is fine, so long as it's inclusive, and so long as it doesn't take away from the character. A smart warrior like Diana wouldn't logically fight someone like Wraith without some extra protection, because it's stupid to walk into a fight unprepared. Plus, she looks awesome in armor. Give her some and let her keep it imo. She can still be attractive, and there can still be fan service. She'll just be dressed in warrior garb when she fights, like any good warrior should be.

Comics based AROUND Sex appeal are usually not the most popular. A comic like Dejah Thor which is pretty much based around how she looks rather than the content in the book, won't ever compare to the amount of attention that characters like Batgirl & Wonder Woman get, neither of which have books that have anything to do with their sex appeal. Their books are about heroism and saving the world. If Diana needs extra protection..she will wear armor or carry a shield..which she has but she isn't just a warrior, she's a superhero so her costume makes sense in that respect.

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@thedailybagel said:

@czarny_samael666: you do realise your disagreeing with:

Character statements about hulk

Hulks reputation

Biographical entries


Writers intentions

And pretty much everything else. Hulk is physically stronger than thor and Hyperion mate.

P.S. Don't try convince me otherwise, my opinions already set in stone on this particular subject and all we are doing is derailing this thread.

I'm not sure about Thor but Hulk is definitely stronger than Hyperion and has proven as much.

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@spitfirepanda said:

@nazarethsavage: Batman doesn't run around with most of his legs exposed. Why?

Because it's not manly and wouldn't make sense for his style of character.

Superman fights in a near indestructible suit of Kryptonian armor in the New 52, and the only flesh he has exposed is on his hands and his head. I don't doubt your sincerity when you say that you like the characters for their personalities and what they stand for, but we're talking about warriors here. A smart warrior wouldn't go into battle unprepared, but most super heroines dress like idiots, in spite of their warrior status.

If I didn't like characters for what they stood for, I wouldn't read comics. I'm not into the sex appeal of drawings. Superman's Kryptonian armor also doesn't keep you from seeing his muscular body, which was what I was talking about. Male characters don't run around showing off their legs are wearing "skimpy" outfits because that's not masculine. That wouldn't make any sense. Namor is probably the only one and he stopped wearing that costume.

What about Ms. Marvel?

If she's fighting anything strong enough to break her skin, then she's in serious trouble.

What about Elektra?

Same boat. It may be brave to charge into battle against dangerous foes when you're unprepared, but only if you didn't have time for prep. When you go into battle dressed like this and you had the option to go and hunt down some better protection, you get what's coming to you.

What about Wonder Woman?

She's in the same boat. Anything strong enough to break her skin should realistically rip her to shreds. And why wouldn't she be fighting monsters that powerful? If she only fought enemies that couldn't hurt her, then she would be a boring hero. But sexualization was a core part of their creation, even with Wonder Woman's feminist background.

What they are wearing doesn't make them "unprepared for battle". Anything strong enough to break their skin would rip most costumes. Spider-Man would be virtually naked if not for the magic of comics.

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@spitfirepanda said:

The problem is that comics have a growing female fan base, and they don't like it when the basis of the powerful female characters is sex appeal. Rightly so. I'm a guy and I don't like it. A female super hero should be a hero first and foremost.

All female superheroes are a hero first and foremost but beauty & sexualization is a part of their appeal; and by. Being someone who reads alot of comics with female leads..I never liked Ms.Marvel or Elektra or Wonder Woman because they were sexy but for the intricacies of their character and their interesting personalities as well as for what they stand for but everyone isn't like me, I realize the sexualized part about their character isn't for me. With that said though this is what is done with male characters as well, they project image of perfection. Perfectly chiseled athletic bodies and the whole 9. The way comic characters are used isn't unlike how the average celebrity is projected. It's part of an overall image, it's part of having universal appeal and something everybody can find interesting or enjoy.

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It's not sexist to show off Power Girl's assets. That's a feature of the piece of art. Sexist means discrimination or prejudice against the opposite sex which this is not. If the idea is that she's being used and an object of desire and that's what's wrong with it, I don't agree with that either because that's how all characters are used. Every single character is created to stimulate some part of your psyche. Sex Appeal just happens to be the basis for Power Girl.

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@69ballzdeep said:

punisher in stomp. even if Nightwing was some how more skilled hes not so much more skilled that Franks infinitly more efficent weapons wont easly take him down. Frank blows his face off.

Nightwing isactually skilled enough to dodge Frank's shots and skilled enough to disarm him as well. Nightwing is the best acrobat in the DC Universe the way Daredevil is for Marvel. A gun seems more efficient than an Escrima Stick but Daredevil has shown that they can contend with firearms if used correctly. I think this will be close but ultimately Nightwing is the superior combatant.

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@killerwasp said:

@thetruebarryallen said:

Arthur dominates - Quicksilver KO's himself after his fists bounce off Arthurs body.

This wasn't right the first time...

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@darkhunter89 said:

Nightwing can hold his own against Deathstroke. I never said, the fight would be easy. But if Nightwing can hold his own against Deathstroke (who is a better fighter than Frank) he won't have a big problem with Frank.

I don't believe that's true either. I don't recall an instance where Nightwing fought Deathstroke with no variables or plot devices and "held his own".